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It's been a great week in the CTO Craft Community - the first month of mentoring sessions with Basic Members has gone swimmingly and we're lining up the next batch as we speak. The book club is under way - we're reading the First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins. Later in the week, we have David Mytton of Server Density giving an AMA on Thursday afternoon, where he'll answer questions about scaling, ops, monitoring and security in general - it's going to be a great one!

Watch out for an announcement about CTO Craft's Community in the next couple of days  - a change is coming! :)

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Check out the TMW Archive. There's some real treasure in there.

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Unlikely Superheros (#107)

Imagine yourself as a superhero! What is your superpower?

Each participant creates a superhero version of themselves based on how they see themselves in the team / project - Complete with appropriate superpowers, weaknesses and possibly an arch-nemesis.

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