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Plans for CTO Craft's first Workshops
are coming together quickly: we now have five sessions lined up, as well as a venue in London, and will be announcing some initial dates soon. There will be two half-day sessions on specific topics: Understanding Motivation, and Building OKRs for CTOs

On top of that, there will be three CTO Bootcamp sessions, which will give an overview to some specific topics relevant to leading technology teams:

  1. Bootcamp 1: Vision & Team - this will cover vision setting, objectives and goals, team design and hiring, and feedback and 1:1s
  2. Bootcamp 2: Self Management & Burnout - this will focus on self-knowledge, leadership styles, delegation, time management, relationship building and communication, and dealing with burnout
  3. Bootcamp 3: Workflow - the final session will deal with process, product management and roadmapping, adapting agile and lean processes, quality assurance and continuous improvement

If you're interested in any of the upcoming workshops, drop me a reply here and I'll get you added to the list 

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