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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #146

Hey there! Hope 2020 has started well for you Watch out for some big CTO Craft news next week... In t
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #146
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #146 • View online
Hey there! Hope 2020 has started well for you
Watch out for some big CTO Craft news next week… In the meantime, here’s your weekly dose of leadership and technology reading (and watching) material. As always, if you’ve written something you’d like to feature in TMW, just let us know
Andy Skipper

Reads of the Week
Interview: Megan Smith
Doing (a little bit of) the impossible
Culture & People
How traditional ways of organizing teams can harm ownership
Staying on the path to high performing teams.
The Art of the OKR
Cultivating High-Performing Teams in Hypergrowth
Leadership & Self-management
Staying Immersed in Technology as a Tech Leader with Hector Aguilar
How to Balance Accountability vs. Responsibility as a Leader
The Skills You Need to Be a Successful Leader
The other side of technical skill: domain knowledge and long-term vision
Developing Self-Awareness, and How to Overcome Your Personal Weaknesses
Agile, Engineering & Product
What causes insidious bugs?
Are Your Retrospectives Plagued by Groupthink?
Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books
Estimation and Forecasting
What Else?
Get an overview of a directory, even a big one
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