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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #150

Howdy! Our 150th issue, hurrah! Thanks for all your support Lots of chat at this end about our Mentor
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #150
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #150 • View online
Howdy! Our 150th issue, hurrah! Thanks for all your support
Lots of chat at this end about our Mentoring Circles - the first one is at capacity now, but it looks like we’ll have enough people to start another very shortly as well! 
Allistair Crossley of Coconut had this to say about his Circle experience:
“Taking part in a Circle whilst also launching a FinTech business was especially useful to me as I was able to raise a bunch of real-time challenges and get the group’s take every week, practice and report back the week after on results (CI with people!). By the end of the Circle I felt more confident, capable and equipped to discharge the role of CTO.”
If you’d like to join the next Circle and be a part of a tight and trusted network of other tech leaders, drop us a line.
We’re running some more Tech Lead Dinners events with Hywel Carver of Skiller Whale in Feb and March - have a look at our Events page to learn more.
Until next week!
Andy Skipper

Reads of the Week
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Culture & People
15 Tips for Managing Remote Teams From Zapier’s Vice President of Engineering
Psychological Safety: How Pioneers Create Engaged Workforces
Beware The Problem Of A “Feel Good” Culture
13 Reasons Why Great Employees Quit (and How to Keep a Good Employee from Quitting)
How Microservices Architecture Impacted the Culture of Software Development
Leadership & Self-management
A Manager’s Bill of Responsibilities (and Rights)
Decisions, Debt, and other Dilemmas
From Zero to CTO — Tamara Lohan is in the spotlight
6 Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic
Agile, Engineering & Product
How to adopt proactive roadmaps to build the best product
Hands-on Agile: Product Owner Anti-Patterns — 31 Ways to Improve as a PO
Thinking By Sprinting: What Cognitive Science Tells Us About Why Scrum Works
What Else?
That’s it!
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