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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #160

Hi everyone! CTO Craft has two Bytes events this week - tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll be joined by three p
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #160
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #160 • View online
Hi everyone!
CTO Craft has two Bytes events this week - tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll be joined by three people with very relevant, recent experience of the CTO job market during the COVID-19 lockdown, and on Friday we’ll be talking about some practical ways of dealing with uncertainty with an expert in organisational design. Both will be recorded, so don’t worry if you miss either of them!
On top of those (!) we’ll also be running some Group Discussion events, including one on Wednesday morning on Motivation. Keep your eye on our events page for more info
We’ll also be announcing all new events in the CTO Craft Slack group, so be sure to join if you’d like to hear about them first!
Until next week
Andy @ CTO Craft

Reads of the Week
How to Define Your Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Measures
Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals
Culture & People
Engineering is Eating Recruiting...
Context over control: the future of remote work
Why Yammer Believes the Traditional Engineering Organizational Structure is Dead
Measuring psychological safety
Leadership & Self-management
Randy Shepherd - Your Engineering Brand is a KPI
Don’t let remote leadership bring out the worst in you
3 Frameworks For Making Complex Decisions
The Mirage That Will Keep You In The Desert
5 Effective Strategies for Virtual Meetings
Agile, Engineering & Product
Remote Sprint Planning — Remote Agile (6) —
You don’t need to stop shipping features to fix technical debt
Remote-optimised Domain Modelling: The Present and Future
5 Tips for Structuring your Agile Board
Can a 5-Year-Old Be a Good Tester?
What Else?
It’s Time to Take Octopus Civilization Seriously
That’s it!
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Have an amazing week!
Did you enjoy this issue?
Andy @ CTO Craft

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