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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #162

Hi there, welcome to the week! This issue of TMW has been curated by Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squ
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #162
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #162 • View online
Hi there, welcome to the week!
This issue of TMW has been curated by Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel, two facilitators of CTO Craft’s Mentoring Circles, and authors of a new book, Agile Conversations, which comes out this week. Thanks chaps - over to you!

Hi there!
We’re very excited to share our new book with the CTO Craft Community!
Agile Conversations Book
If you were part of the CTO Mentoring Circles that we’ve led you will find a lot of familiar material. For those of you who were not, we believe you’ll enjoy this step-by-step guide to having better conversations with your CEO, your peers, and others in your organisation.
Finding yourself frustrated? Our experience is that you can learn to change your conversations and get dramatically different results. We’ll walk you through how to do a conversational analysis, and then how to prepare for the key conversations of high performing teams covering Trust, Fear, Why, Commitment and Accountability. What we describe is simple, but it isn’t easy. These conversations require skill, and skill requires practice. Are you willing to put in the effort?
We hope you do, and that you tell us all about it!
Squirrel and Jeffrey
More about the book
Conversations: Humanity’s Secret Weapon - IT Revolution
The Authors of Agile Conversations Consulting with Parts Unlimited
IT Revolution Book Club, June 1st - 9th
Talking about remote talking
Given our focus on conversations we want to comment a bit about how remote is different.
How to Combat Zoom Fatigue
Why Time Signals Still Matter When Working Remotely
Remote opportunities
One impact of lockdown is an increasing number of conferences, events, and other opportunities that are being made location independent. Here are a few that caught our attention this week
Observability Office Hours by Liz Fong-Jones
What will conferences look like in the future? That’s a question where the answers are still being created as an increasing number give it a try online
Software Circus: Down the rabbit hole - May 21st
Citcon - May 29th & 30th
CukenFest - June 3rd & 4th
And of course these remote events make recording easier, so here’s one from last week
GitHub Satellite - May 6th
Grab bag
To Microservices and Back Again - Why Segment Went Back to a Monolith
Panel: Microservices - Are They Still Worth It?
From Zero to CTO: Jon Topper is in the spotlight
Is your product development system strategic or utility?
Thanks so much to Jeffrey and Squirrel for curating this week - very best of luck with the book launch!
That’s it!
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Have an amazing week!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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