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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #166

Hi there, welcome to the week! This issue of Tech Manager Weekly is curated by CTO Craft member and a
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft - Issue #166
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #166 • View online
Hi there, welcome to the week!
This issue of Tech Manager Weekly is curated by CTO Craft member and author James Stanier, SVP of Engineering at Brandwatch, whose book, Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager, has just been released and is a must-read.
Over to you, James!

Thank you to Andy for letting me take the reins of the newsletter during one of the worst years for continual global crises that I can remember. If I’m honest, it feels unsettling being here primarily because my book came out. It’s a shallow victory against a stage backdrop that is incandescent with flames.
However, one redeeming quality is that I feel that what I wrote about is still incredibly important, even though my project started in 2019. Our industry needs managers, leaders and allies that are able to support their staff through times like these, both now and in the future. As diligent members of this community, you know that. But the path for others to get to where you currently are is difficult and is often forged through trial and error. Sometimes those that end up in positions of leadership didn’t even intend to be there in the first place. That’s why I wrote this book.
Many moons ago, when I first became interested in managing people and running a team, I found that the resources that were available to me were hit and miss. Some were written by CEOs (I wasn’t a CEO), some were predominantly narrated by stories and anecdotes (how should I implement this?) and few covered issues such as stress, diversity, mental health and politics in the workplace. As I myself learned by trial and error, I started writing a blog called The Engineering Manager to document what I knew. Over the years I wrote a lot, and was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to turn it into the book I wish I had on my desk when I first started.
I’m hoping that it can help a new generation of managers and leaders become empowered to make a positive change in our industry.
If you’d like to purchase it, then I’ve compiled the links to the DRM-free eBook and the physical copy (via Amazon) below.
Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager
If you read it, let me know what you think. I’d love to talk. Find me over at @jstanier on Twitter, or on the CTO Craft Slack community.
Note: Text bylines under the links below are written by me, not the original websites.
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Now, if you know me, you know that I love a bit of computing nostalgia. Let’s take a short trip down memory lane and remember gentler, warmer, rosier moments of the past.
An Oral History of ‘GoldenEye 007’ on the N64
Microsoft Comic Chat demo, Microsoft Research (January 1996)
Episode of Net Cafe (Oct 6, 2000)
That’s it! If you’d like to stay in touch with James, he’s on Twitter @jstanier.
Thanks very much, James!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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