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Zero to CTO, Developer Happiness, Manager vs Maker OKRs, Building Trust, Alignment, Backlogs: TMW #196 by CTO Craft

Read some of our interviews with CTOs about their journey to senior leadership
Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
Zero to CTO, Developer Happiness, Manager vs Maker OKRs, Building Trust, Alignment, Backlogs: TMW #196 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #196 • View online
Happy new year!! Heres to an amazing 2021 - weve all earned it, I think
Were hitting the ground running here at CTO Craft, with a new series of Bytes events (more to come on that next week), as well as the roll-out of our CTO Craft Labs workshops. If youd like to take a look, head here for some more info and an early-bird discount:
Weve been running our Zero to CTO blog series for over two years now, with some amazing leaders - here are some of the most popular interviews over the last year:
Have a great week - see you soon!
Andy @ CTO Craft

Reads of the Week
Developer Happiness Index: Global Insights
About our Partners
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Culture & People
The secret of highly productive engineering teams
How to Host Better Team Meetings
Working Remotely as a High-Performance Engineering Team at Moonpig
Manager OKRs, Maker OKRs: How Early Stage Startups Should Think About Goal-Setting
Leadership & Self-management
7 Leadership Strategies that Build Trust with Your Remote Team
The Email That Got Me Promoted to CTO
Research: Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis
Agile, Engineering & Product
Architecture Ownership Patterns for Team Topologies. Part 2: Single Team Patterns
Mary Poppendieck on Why You Should Just Burn Your Backlog
Dev methodology mostly doesnt matter (so just make up your own)
Self-documenting Architecture
What Else?
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