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🍊 Loneliness at the Top, Leading Through Change, Credential Inflation, FB Outage, Accessibility, Org Design, Motivation: TMW #237 by CTO Craft

Hi there!What an amazing response it's been to the announcement of CTO Craft Con Winter '21 last week - we've added some amazing new speakers and talks all of which you'll hear about over the course of the week. We'll also be featuring regular spotlight int...


🎑 Workforce Planning, Mining for Leaders, Scale-up CTOs, Story Refinement, OWASP '21: TMW #236 by CTO Craft

Hello there!The official website for CTO Craft Con 3.0 is live! We've been hard at work pulling together an amazing line up featuring the best minds in the business who'll be chatting with us about Hiring, Learning and Development, Strategy and Alignment an...


πŸ€– CTO Craft Conference, Impostors, Technical Assessments, Coordination Models, Tech Debt at Scale: TMW #235 by CTO Craft

Hello again!As you'll have seen in the email last week, CTO Craft Con is live! We're still working on the line up, but what we can absolutely promise is four amazing days of talks and panels. Rather than a single theme for the whole event, each day will foc...


πŸ₯ Technical Assessment, Replatforming, Builder's High, Managing Change, Tough Leaders: TMW #234 by CTO Craft

Hey there! Welcome to the weekThis Friday's Bytes session will cover developments in the Technical Assessment stage of the engineer interview process - we'll be joined by the founder of a startup aiming to standardise that, who'll be sharing insights from t...


🍜 Engineer Onboarding, Data Protection, Post-Covid Hiring, Virtual Meetings, Waste, Negotiation: TMW #233 by CTO Craft

Howdy, great to see you!Last Friday's CTO Craft Bytes session on ways to fill skills gaps internally is now online over at our Crowdcast page - the conversation between Hywel and Emma was fascinating; definitely worth checking out. This week's session will ...


πŸ“ Strategy vs Tactics, Personal Brand, Cultures of Recognition, Metrics for DEI, Coaching, Mobile at Scale: TMW #232 by CTO Craft

Hello there!Firstly, an apology to all of you who were signed up for last Friday's CTO Craft Bytes session with on the downsides of hiring from outside to fill skills gaps - the session will be going ahead this Friday, Sep 10th at 12.30pm UK time. See you t...


πŸ“ Skills Gaps, Silos, Difficult Managers, One-two Punch Leadership, Actual Impostors: TMW #231 by CTO Craft

Hello, hello, hello!Bytes are back! After a summer break, Bytes will be back every week - this Friday's will look at why the common approach to filling skills gaps by hiring from outside isn't necessarily the best one. Pop in if you're struggling to hire, o...


πŸ›΅ Servant Leadership, Low-risk Learning, Employee Retention, Post-incidents, Support-Driven Development: TMW #230 by CTO Craft

Hello again!We're hosting our first Successful 1:1s workshop later today - don't worry if you weren't able to pick up a ticket this time, as we're planning to run it again very shortly. Watch this space!If you're interested in contributing a blog post or ap...


πŸš’ Letting Fires Burn, 1:1 Pitfalls, Root Causes, Output vs Outcomes, Strategic Planning, Feeling Inadequate: TMW #229 by CTO Craft

Hello there!Last week saw the first session of a new Canada and US Mentoring Circle, with startup CTOs and VPs joining to discuss topics as diverse as team morale and Teal Organisations. We're pulling together names for the next European Circle right now, w...


🍌 Self-managed Teams, Futurespectives, Fire-Drill Leadership, Burnout, Testing, Liberating Structures: TMW #227 by CTO Craft

Hello there, welcome to the week!We have two new CTO interviews on the CTO Craft blog this week, with Jonathan Lister Parsons of the recently IPOd PensionBee, and Ellen Candil of commercial real estate manager CBRE Global Workplace Solutions. Take a look to...


🍊 AWS Lambda Innards, Meeting Follow-ups, Feature Parity, Team Confidence, Leadership Brand, Coaching: TMW #227 by CTO Craft

Hi all, welcome to the week!Just a brief intro this time as we have a lot of amazing content to share below - a huge, huge thanks to everyone who's contributed links and ideas recently, it's helping us shape TMW into the perfect resource for you as leaders....


πŸ₯— CTO Craft Labs, Responsible Meetings, Growth Weeks, Conflict Resolution, Documentation: TMW #226 by CTO Craft

Hi everyone!A huge announcement today - after months of honing and testing, we would love to invite all of you to attend the first of our series of CTO Craft Labs workshops. We've put together a string of half-day virtual workshops which will be conducted v...


πŸ₯‘ Gaming Dev Metrics, Candidate Experience, Anxiety at Work, Calendar Management, #NoEstimates: TMW #225 by CTO Craft

Hello again!Last week saw the inaugural session of our 10th consecutive Mentoring Circle - the popularity of these groups shows how powerful having a tight-knit group of peers with a regular meeting slot can be. Over the last 18 months, the Circles have cov...


🍊 O'Reilly Partnership, Data-driven Negotiation, PAGNI, RACI, Curiosity, Low Morale, Remote Pairing: TMW #224 by CTO Craft

Hello all, welcome to the week!Huge excitement here as CTO Craft welcomes O'Reilly as our newest sponsor. O'Reilly provides technology and business training, knowledge, and insights via a unique network of experts and innovators.Β O'Reilly's learning platfor...


πŸ‡ Mental Health, Destroying Teams, Rest, Timezones, Spotify Model, Status Reports: TMW #223 by CTO Craft

Howdy all! Welcome to the weekHopefully you're going to be able to slow down and recharge over the summer months - if not, I'd urge you to find a way to balance the demands on your energy, to avoid burning out when things start to heat up again in the autum...


πŸ‰ Time Management, Vroom, Inverse Conway, Team Maturity, Working Hours, No Code Reviews: TMW #222 by CTO Craft

Greetings! Hope you had a great weekendWe're going to be pausing the weekly Bytes events over the summer, but keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting event-related news over the coming weeks.. Plans are coming together quickly for something amazing in ...


πŸ₯­ Crafting a Tech Strategy, African Tech, Domains, Cognitive Systems, Termination, Decisions, Managing Up: TMW #221 by CTO Craft - Issue #221

Hello again!This week sees the release of our most in-depth study of tech strategy - we've drawn from some amazing resources on vision and strategy, and the outcome is a must-read for anyone leading the technology function. We'd love to hear from you if you...


🦞 Nearshoring, Holacracy, Unplugging, Availability Bias, Decision Trees, Blindspots: TMW #220 by CTO Craft

Hi there! Welcome to the weekThis week's edition of TMW is absolutely packed, so just a short intro this time. I'll just leave you with one small request: if there's anyone you know who you think would benefit from subscribing, please do point them at TechM...


πŸ₯ Operating Cadence, Social Anxiety, Work Satisfaction, Slack Nightmares, Neurodiversity, SWAG, Pull Requests: TMW #219 by CTO Craft

Greetings!Firstly, a massively warm welcome to O'Reilly Media, who've joined our list of Platinum Sponsors - we're so happy to have them on board as we continue to grow our educational offerings for CTOs and senior technology leaders (more on that in the ve...


🀭 Correction! TMW #217 by CTO Craft

Hello again!You might have noticed we included a brilliant post by Simon Wardley in today's issue, but accidentally attributed it to James Wardley, who is apparently a cardiologist and likely brilliant, but definitely not the author of the post.. Apologies ...