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🪂 Death Marches, Employee Engagement, Team Onions, Documentation, Stretch Goals, Collective Leadership: TMW #254 by CTO Craft

Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
🪂 Death Marches, Employee Engagement, Team Onions, Documentation, Stretch Goals, Collective Leadership: TMW #254 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #254 • View online
Hello, welcome to the week!
We have some big news at CTO Craft this week - we’ve drawn together some of the most amazing engineering leaders to support and help evolve our content creation process. The new Creative Committee includes eight long-term collaborators and subject matter experts. The goal is to broaden and diversify our approach to creating events, posts, emails and more for the CTO Craft community - we’re incredibly excited.
This week, we have two lunchtime Bytes events - see below for more details
Until next time!
Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Bytes
CTO Craft Bytes - Micro-Frontends, Scalable Teams, and Writing a Book, Tue 22 Feb 2022 at 12:30 GMT
CTO Craft Bytes - Compliance in the Cloud: Heaven or Hell? Fri 25 Feb 2022 at 12:30 GMT
From the CTO Craft Blog
Introducing the New, All-Star CTO Craft Creative Committee
Why Success is Not a Repeatable Formula and Building Wisdom in your Engineering Organisation
Reads of the Week
What if the key to employee engagement is not that esoteric at all?
Team Onion
From our Partners
INTERACT for Engineering Leaders, presented by LinearB
About our Partners
huge, huge thanks to our partners for supporting CTO Craft in 2022 - you’re all amazing!
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Culture & People
How Google, Twitter, and Spotify built a culture of documentation
Stretch Goals are Killing Your Team
Helping a “Storming” Team
That Wild Ask A Manager Story
Leadership & Self-management
14 principles that every CTO must have
Collective Leadership – It’s Not Just for Hippies
The Lessons From the First 50 Days in My Role as a CTO in a Startup.
How One Everyday Mistake Can Mess Up Your Leadership Decisions
Agile, Engineering & Product
How to Understand and Relieve the Symptoms of “Agile” Death Marches
The State of JS 2021
What TPMs Do and What Software Engineers Can Learn From Them
Building Infrastructure Platforms
That’s it!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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