🦐 Engineering KPIs, Feedback Models, Salary Crash?, Team Rituals, Motivating People, Strategy, Checklists: TMW #276 by CTO Craft



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Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
🦐 Engineering KPIs, Feedback Models, Salary Crash?, Team Rituals, Motivating People, Strategy, Checklists: TMW #276 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #275 • View online
Hello again, welcome to the week!
This Thursday we’ll be chatting with seasoned interim CTO and coach David Subar - David’s been a long-time friend of CTO Craft and a regular in our Bytes events, and he’s part of the team that runs the LA CTO Forum. He’ll be chatting about his learnings as a CTO and coach, including collaboration and alignment, getting support as a leader, and a whole lot more. Tune in!
Don’t forget, if you’re not yet a member of the 4,250-strong CTO Craft Community, and you’re in an engineering leadership position (very important - there are no recruiters, marketers or sales people allowed), please do reach out by filling in the application form here, and we’ll get you added:
See you next week!
Andy @ CTO Craft

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5 Software Engineering KPIs to Consider for Your Next Board Meeting - from CTO Craft
CTO Craft Bytes
Fireside chat with David Subar, Thur 28 Jul 2022 at 16:00 BST
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The Great Tech Salary Crash
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Using DORA Metrics to Boost Engineering Performance - from Code Climate
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Culture & People
You will always have more Problems than Engineers
Use The Team Rituals Canvas to Intentionally Design Your Culture
How to Resolve These Five Problems of Struggling Software Engineers
Motivating People Starts with Building Emotional Connections
Leadership & Self-management
Why Does Our Strategy Keep Changing?
4 Ways to Challenge People with Power and Grace
A Checklist Manifetsy
How to Communicate with Intent as a Leader
Agile, Engineering & Product
Product roadmaps can fail — here’s how to avoid it
Can Agile and deadlines coexist in perfect harmony?
How to Find the Value in Legacy Code
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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