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🍇 Mental Health, Destroying Teams, Rest, Timezones, Spotify Model, Status Reports: TMW #223 by CTO Craft

Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
🍇 Mental Health, Destroying Teams, Rest, Timezones, Spotify Model, Status Reports: TMW #223 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #223 • View online
Howdy all! Welcome to the week
Hopefully you’re going to be able to slow down and recharge over the summer months - if not, I’d urge you to find a way to balance the demands on your energy, to avoid burning out when things start to heat up again in the autumn/fall. It’s your job to prioritise your own energy and well-being as much as it is to build products and manage your teams. If you’re struggling with exhaustion or stress, drop me a line by email or on Slack, I’m happy to help.
On with the show!
Andy @ CTO Craft

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Reads of the Week
The State of Mental Health in a year of COVID remote working
Pockets of rest enable careers.
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The Craft Of Managing And Leading
100 Percent of Managers Fail
5 Easy-To-Spot Hallmarks of (Un)Ethical Leadership
3 Proven Indicators You Are Growing as a Leader
Agile, Engineering & Product
Project Status Reports: The Go-To Guide for Managers
Stealing from the best, lessons from three years at Spotify - Kevin Goldsmith
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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