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🦜 New Leaders, Culture Formula, OKRs at Scale, Bad 5 Whys, "I Don't Know!", OOPS Write-ups: TMW #244 by CTO Craft

Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
🦜 New Leaders, Culture Formula, OKRs at Scale, Bad 5 Whys, "I Don't Know!", OOPS Write-ups: TMW #244 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #244 • View online
Hello again, welcome to the week!
This week’s Bytes session will be with the brilliant Suzan Bond, who coaches leaders around the world - she’ll be chatting with us on Thursday at 6pm UK time about ways to support brand new leaders - worth watching if you’re promoting ICs into leadership and management positions, or if you’re about to make the leap yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t make it - all Bytes sessions are recorded and available on Crowdcast immediately afterwards:
After CTO Craft Con a couple of weeks ago, several attendees reached out having watched the sessions on the final day, which was focused on Burnout and Stress; it’s been a horrific time in our industry, pressures are high, trust is low, good talent is scarce and expensive, and even though we’re almost two years in, working fully or partly remotely still isn’t settled and natural for many of us. I’ll be meeting some of those that reached out this week for a chat.
If you’re struggling at the moment, reach out to me, either on Slack or by replying to this email; I’m happy to help if I can
Until next week!
Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Bytes
Helping New Leaders Succeed, Thu 2 Dec 2021 at 18:00 GMT
Reads of the Week
Exceptional Off-Cycle Compensation Adjustments for Software Engineers in 2021
Software development pushes us to get better as people
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Culture & People
The Culture Formula
The Managers Driving the Great Resignation
Engineering Teams Are Just Networks
Interviewing Best Practices for Engineering Leaders
My team is going in circles. Help!
Leadership & Self-management
OKRs at Scale
You Are Using the ‘5 Whys’ Wrong. Here’s How to Improve.
3 Times When Saying, “I Don’t Know” Is A Terrible Leadership Response
5 Signs of (Management) Burnout
How to Succeed Quickly in a New Role
Agile, Engineering & Product
OOPS writeups
How GitLab automates engineering management
Agility ≠ Speed
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Have an amazing week!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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