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☎️ Ownership, One-Minute Managing, Dependencies, Stakeholders, Continuous Load Testing: TMW #265 by CTO Craft

Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
☎️ Ownership, One-Minute Managing, Dependencies, Stakeholders, Continuous Load Testing: TMW #265 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #265 • View online
Hey there! Hope you had a peaceful weekend
With only a few weeks left, things are really starting to get exciting in the lead up to the CTO Craft MiniCon on May 31st. You’ll be hearing all about the amazing speakers we’ve added over the next week, but to get the ball rolling, we interviewed Laura Tacho, who will be talking at the MiniCon on building Better Technical Assessments. Check out the link below.
There’s obviously still time to pick up your free ticket if you haven’t already - if you’re not able to attend live, register and we’ll send you the recordings to watch when you’re ready.
With that, on with the posts :)
Andy @ CTO Craft

Spotlight Q&A with Engineering Leadership Coach and VP of Engineering, Laura Tacho
CTO Craft MiniCon - The Complete Engineer Hiring Arc in 3 Hours
From our Partners
O’Reilly Radar: Innovation in the Cloud is happening May 17!
Reads of the Week
Three Summary Leadership Lessons From The One Minute Manager
The 5 Dimensions of Organizational Success
About our Partners
huge, huge thanks to our partners for supporting CTO Craft in 2022 - you’re all amazing!
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Culture & People
The Basics
How to Build a Culture of Ownership, and Other Engineering Leadership Tips from Plaid & Dropbox
Untangling Organizational Dependencies
Four Steps to Organizational Change Without the Drama
Leadership & Self-management
OKR Leadership: OKRs are not task lists
Three Advanced Techniques for Working with Stakeholders
Agreeably Disagreeing aka How to Handle Conflicts
Feedback tips for the conflict-avoidant
Agile, Engineering & Product
The Mechanics of Software Evolution
Continuous Load Testing
Software engineering in-the-large: the coordination challenge
How to Champion Investments to Improve Documentation
That’s it!
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Have an amazing week!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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