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⛑ Product/Engineering Tension, Losing Clout, ADHD, Storytelling, Micromanagement, Predictable Agile: TMW #248 by CTO Craft

Tech Manager Weekly by CTO Craft
⛑ Product/Engineering Tension, Losing Clout, ADHD, Storytelling, Micromanagement, Predictable Agile: TMW #248 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #248 • View online
Hello again!
Welcome to 2022 - I hope the year’s started positively for you, and that you came back refreshed and ready for the new year.
We’ve got a lot coming up in 2022, beginning with the first Bytes of the year, both next week on Tuesday and Friday, on product/engineering tension and diversity and inclusion respectively. Wholeheartedly recommend attending these if either subject is on your mind, or if you’d like to learn more about how businesses are dealing with both crucial challenges. There’ll be chatter and networking in both events as well to continue the conversation.
There are a number of Mentoring Circles and 1:1 Coaching initiatives in the works - if you’d like to discuss how we can support you in your growth and help resolve any challenges you’re facing in your leadership role, drop me a reply here, or shout on Slack. We’re here to help you.
That’s it, on with the links! See you next week
Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Bytes
Unpacking the Tension Between Product and Engineering Teams - Tue 18 Jan 2022 at 12:30 GMT
Diversity & Inclusion Strategy - Fri 21 Jan 2022 at 12:30 GMT
Reads of the Week
When Startup CTOs Lose Clout
The Continuous Integration Approach to Engineering Leadership
From our Partners
How to Realistically Scale Product Delivery in 2022 - from 101 Ways
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Culture & People
ADHD Accommodations Guide
12 Leading Storytelling Strategies for 2022
How to Become A Self-Managing Team
Carol Dweck: A Summary of Growth and Fixed Mindsets
Leadership & Self-management
Are You A Micromanager? How to delegate and learn to trust your team
Be Plainspoken
How to Make Sense of Conflicting Feedback on Your Leadership
In A World That Values Optimism, When Should A Leader Be A Pessimist?
Agile, Engineering & Product
Hunting Tech Debt via Org Charts
Measuring Software Complexity: What Metrics to Use?
How to Measure the Predictability of Agile
That’s it!
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Have an amazing week!
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Andy @ CTO Craft

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