🥐 State of AI, Data for Alignment, Scaling, Short Tenures, PIPs, Work Friends, Boring Codebases: TMW #299 by CTO Craft



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🥐 State of AI, Data for Alignment, Scaling, Short Tenures, PIPs, Work Friends, Boring Codebases: TMW #299 by CTO Craft
By Andy @ CTO Craft • Issue #299 • View online
Hello from a grey and misty Belfast!
How would you rate your team’s alignment with the rest of the organisation? Are they aware of what the bigger picture looks like, and how their work really pushes the needle? We’ll be chatting with Ross Finkelstein, Director of Delivery at Wattpad this week, and asking him how he uses metrics and data not just to keep track of productivity, but also how he ensures that his team’s efforts are aligned to the rest of the business. Scroll down for some more info about the event
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Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Con Winter 2022 - A Conference for CTOs, by CTOs
Spotlight Q&A with Field Chief Technology Officer, Databricks, Robin Sutara
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State of AI Report 2021
How to Run a Department
CTO Craft Bytes
Using data to increase engineering's alignment, Thu 20 Oct 2022 at 4:00pm BST
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How boring should your team's codebases be?
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