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🌡 Strategy & AI, Taking Risks, Conflict, On-Call, Greener Software, SLAs, Micro-Aggressions: TMW #371

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CTO Craft Con: London | 8-9 May 2024
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 500 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their engineering culture in London, May 2024

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CTO Craft Events

CTO Craft Bytes: Exploring the Future of Platform Development: A Glimpse into 2030 with GenAI
Join us for an insightful Bytes session where we delve into the future of platform development in the year 2030, focusing on the transformative role of code as a commodity enhanced by GenAI capabilities. This session features Glyn Roberts of Vention, a seasoned expert with two decades of experience in web development, spanning roles from developer to CTO. Glyn will guide us through his vision of how platform development will evolve by 2030 and the far-reaching implications of an AI-centric approach in this field.
CTO Craft Mixer: Manxchester 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Manchester.
CTO Craft Mixer: Gothenburg 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Gothenburg

Mixers: We have a number of Mixer events coming up shortly in Gothenburg, Sofia, Bristol, Manchester, Bucharest, Munich and Berlin - read more here and book your place. Are you interested in launching a Mixer in your city? Drop us a line!

Reads of the Week

Strategy & Artificial Intelligence
A Story of Heuristics, Means & Tails
Why software projects fail
Some of you know that I work in the agency business — how that translates to my technical experience is that I used to work on many highly different

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Leadership requires taking some risk.
At a recent offsite with Carta’s Navigators, we landed on an interesting topic: leadership roles sometimes mean that making progress on a professional initiative requires taking some personal risk. This lesson was hammered into me a decade ago during my time at Uber, where I kicked off the Uber SRE group and architectured Uber’s self-service service provisioning strategy that defined Uber’s approach to software development (which spawned a thousand thought pieces, not all complimentary).
The Builder’s Guide to Better Mousetraps - Marc’s Blog
16 Reasons Not To Go Into Engineering Management
On the topic of the Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager transition, I collected signs that indicate if this might not be the right choice for someone. The list is a playful thought experiment, looking at the beliefs and traits that might show why being an EM could pose challenges for some.
Leadership Is A Hell Of A Drug — Ludicity

Culture, People & Teams

How to Turn Conflict Into a Constructive Negotiation | QAspire Consulting
This post illuminates some timeless wisdom from William Ury on how to turn a conflict into a constructive negotiation.
My Product Management Toolkit (62): Morton’s Resolution Model
In my book Managing Product = Managing Tension I wrote about the importance of healthy conflict. If you can challenge each other’s ideas or opinions constructively, you’ll be able to re…
Beyond the beep and saving sleep: optimizing the On-Call experience
Some strategies to minimize alert fatigue, enhance incident management, and prioritize team well-being
Culture, Fit, and Employee Motivation Strategies - Let’s Grow Leaders
Andre Martin discusses the importance of finding the right fit in your career and building a culture that supports employee motivation.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

How Figma’s Databases Team Lived to Tell the Scale | Figma Blog
Our nine month journey to horizontally shard Figma’s Postgres stack, and the key to unlocking (nearly) infinite scalability.
Reduce Your Software’s Footprint
How the Green Software Certification (by the Linux Foundation) can help
The Shape of Code » What is known about software effort estimation in 2024
Service Level Agreement
Introduction to the SLA in relation to SLI and SLO

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

TBM 278: The Power of Firsthand Experience
I was having lunch with my product leader friend Carey Caulfield recently, and something dawned on us: In the product world, we often forget how we came to “know” certain things. When someone doesn’t appear bought into a product-oriented way of working, it’s easy to chalk things up to mindset, intent, attitude, strength as a leader, etc. It’s easy to feel frustrated and not trusted.
A Personal Journey Through Stress Management Techniques
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, stress has become an inevitable companion for many of us. From deadlines at work to personal…
On Microaggressions, Language, and Inclusion in the Time of Gen AI
The social and racial reckoning in the wake of the George Floyd murder in May 2020 made many acutely aware of automatic patterns of…
Should We Work Hard or Enjoy Life? It’s Time to Rethink That
I’ve been reflecting a lot on my recent life.

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