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🏀 Engineering Strategy, Performance Reviews, Maker vs Manager, Onboarding, Scheduling, OverflowAI, CTO Coaching: TMW #381

Plus details of our Berlin conference and Roundtables event in the autumn
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Hello again, it's Monday!

Following on from CTO Craft Con's triumphant return to London earlier in the month, tickets are now on sale for CTO Craft Con Berlin, where we'll once again be bringing together hundreds of Europe's technology leaders for two days of talks, networking and other fun and games. Super Early Bird ticket prices are in force, so go and check it out!

To access the member pricing, use the access code "Community-Berlin-24" in the checkout. See you there!

At the London event, Roundtables were one of the biggest successes, with each session packed from wall-to-wall with attendees wishing to join the conversation about a number of topics from Generative AI to Burnout. We've listened to the positive feedback and will be running a roundtable-specific event in November in London. Register your interest now to be the first to hear about tickets!

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CTO Craft Events

| CTO Craft Con: Berlin 2024
CTO Craft Con: Berlin 24th – 25th September 2024 | Berlin Crafting the Future of Technology Leadership TICKETS BECOME A PARTNER Introducing CTO Craft Con: Berlin Hot off the success of CTO Craft Con: London, we’re thrilled to unveil our next venture in Berlin. After the triumphant debut of our CTO Craft Mixers in the heart of Germany’s capital, we’re excited to bring the complete CTO Craft Con experience to Berlin. Join us as we gather CTOs and emerging tech leaders from startups, scaleups, soonicorns, unicorns, big tech, and beyond to address the most pressing challenges of our industry in a secure, collaborative, and inclusive peer-to-peer setting. TICKETS Confirmed Speakers Include: Füsun Wehrmann CTO InPost Deepak Kumur CTO Seven.One Entertainment Group Vira Tkachenko CTO MacPaw Hizam Sahibudeen CTO Shipmunk Ravneet Shah CTO Allica Bank André Neubauer CTO Trusted Shops Mathilde Lemée CTO JOLIMOI David Gebhardt CTO mobile.de Olga Khorkova Head of IT HORIZN STUDIOS Natasha Dimban Board Member L’Observatoire de la Fintech Claus Höfele Director of Engineering On Words from our community…
CTO Craft Roundtables: London
Welcome to the launch of our newest event: CTO Craft Roundtables! Join us for a half-day of engaging discussions and networking opportunities designed specifically for CTOs and engineering leaders
CTO Craft Mixer: Warsaw 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Warsaw.
CTO Craft | Events
Conferences, Mixers and Bytes Events brought to you by CTO Craft.

Reads of the Week

Use Engineering Strategy to Reduce Friction and Improve Developer Experience
Will Larson discusses what problems engineering strategy solves, examples of real engineering strategies, how to rollout engineering strategy, troubleshooting why your strategy rollout isn’t working.
Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Evaluating the data and writing the review
Once you have assembled your data, you are ready to write the review.

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[From YLD] Optimising data performance with Snowflake

YLD discusses a practical use case for adopting Snowflake and its capabilities to accelerate the extraction of value from extensive data repositories.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You
If you’re a maker on a manager’s schedule or a manager on a maker’s schedule, you could be spinning your wheels. Find out the ideal way to schedule your day for maximum results.
Let them fail!
The Role of the Technical Leader as Mentor, Facilitator and Inspirer
How I Overcame a Toxic Management Belief to Unleash Team Autonomy
My 5 proven steps for building a problem-solving culture.
What the World’s Experts Say: 9 Specific Activities You Should Do to Become an Amazing Manager!
Yes, there are 3 such lists. We just aren’t aware of them.

Culture, People & Teams

RDEL #41: What causes new engineers to “sink or swim”?
This week we will evaluate research on what factors are considered part of a “sink or swim” onboarding experience.
Working Theory - How do you scale your new hire onboarding?
What would a good onboarding survey look like?
What we would have asked differently to help teams improve? — Himanshu Swaroop
Asking questions to uncover high leverage opportunities can show you what could be an ambitious destination for your team
Fixing culture starts with calendars, not offices
‘Presence’ is a free research deck, a series of podcasts and much more

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Maintenance like an airplane, not a car
If maintenance is not part of the lifecycle, it’s repeated project work, and deadly for velocity.
I was wrong about “agile” software development - Jeff Putz.com
24 Fundamental Techniques for Software Architects
Discover essential techniques for software architects to design modern systems, align with business goals, and manage stakeholders effectively. Learn more in this post!
OverflowAI and the holy grail of search - Stack Overflow

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

The Hagakure #80: Why Coaching (Really) Matters for Engineering Leadership
Are you an engineering leader? Did you go to engineering leadership school? I thought so. Because as far as I can tell there isn’t one. Sure, there are plenty of resources out there, from courses, to books, to podcasts, to an infinity of online articles and newsletters. But isn’t it a little strange that despite so much information, teams and companies continue to be so challenging for most leaders?

(PS: If you're interested in talking to a CTO Coach, drop us a line....)

How to Do Hard Things
A therapy practice helped me face my struggles as a founder
How to be Direct Without Being Rude - TechTello
When trying to be direct do you often come across as too strong? Are you being called pushy, rude, insensitive or assigned other such labels? You may like to say things as they are because beating around the bush is not your style. But an honest and direct communication that lacks compassion can leave others feeling hurt, angry and annoyed. There’s a fine line between being direct and being inconsiderate. Stepping over the line from directness to rudeness is easy if you don’t pay attention to your communication style.
Lattice Data Reveals Lower Engagement, Stretched Managers, and More
A closer look at engagement scores, career goals, team structures, and other telling data points across companies leveraging Lattice’s people platform.

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