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🤹 Conference Special! The best sessions from past CTO Craft Cons: TMW #378

It's Conference Week! Here are some of the best sessions from past events
Thanks to Vention for sponsoring this issue of Tech Manager Weekly - partnering with innovative companies from startups to Fortune 500s, lending AI engineering expertise to propel them to new heights and the edge to outpace the competition.

Hello! It's Conference Week!

We're busy putting the final bells and whistles in place before doors open in Westminster, London for CTO Craft Con: London 2024 on Wednesday, yet another sold-out event. Over 450 tech leaders will be joining us for learning, networking, mentoring and general socialising, along with some fun at the party sponsored by DX. It's going to be brilliant, full stop.

There'll be a sneak peek of what's coming up, including a conference in Berlin later in the year... We'll also be announcing some other very special initiatives - watch this space.

This week, we've put together a library of conference sessions from the last three years of events, both online and in-person, to give you a taste for what's to come this week, and in our other events in 2024 and '25.

If you couldn't get tickets to attend the Con, you can still grab a Live Stream Ticket for the sessions.

See you in London! Until next time...

Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Events

Join an invitation-only deep dive into the choppy waters surrounding ethics and GenAI, hosted by our partners, Amdaris. This roundtable discussion includes a private champagne reception and an award-winning three-course dinner. With limited seats available, don’t miss your chance to secure your place below! Thursday 6th June in London

Roundtable: The Uncharted Waters of Gen AI: Navigating without a Moral Compass | Events
This evening roundtable discussion is part of a four-part series, register your interest below to be the first on the guest list!
CTO Craft Mixers - meet other technology leaders in your area
Join CTOs and other tech leaders in your city at our informal drinks and networking events, get feedback on ideas and make life-long connections.
CTO Craft Bytes: Investing in AI - Opportunities and Pitfalls for Leaders
Over the course of the evening, we will delve into strategic investment opportunities across industries, discuss risk management strategies to navigate potential pitfalls, and share insights on future-proofing your AI investments in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Keynote Fireside Chat: Strategic Technology Leadership
Anna Shipman, Technical Director for Customer Products, THE FINANCIAL TIMESEmma Hopkinson-Spark, Chief of Staff, 101 WAYS
Panel Discussion: Let’s Get Strategic! Stop Reacting, Start Leading
Moderator: Dan Smith, Tech & Product M&A Advisor and Executive Coach, PARTNERS IN TECHMaria Gutierrez, VP of Engineering and Operations, PERSONIOJoão Graça,…
Presentation: What do investors care about most and how to deal with it as a CTO?
Christian Larsen, Director of Product and Technology, MARLIN EQUITY PARTNERS
Keynote: Effective leadership in a hybrid world: How to succeed when you can’t be ubiquitous
Being a technical- or people leader in a hybrid work environment can be extra challenging: While on paper, it may look like hybrid work combines the “best of…

Culture, People & Teams

Fireside chat: Better Technical Assessments - Laura Tacho, Engineering Leadership Coach
How do you design a technical challenge that can accurately assess a candidate’s skills? Recognise common pitfalls with technical assessments, like the belie…
Presentation: Are you creating an ‘unconscious culture’?
Adelina Chalmers, Founder & CTO, The Geek WhispererOnly 28% of employees strongly agree that there is alignment between their company’s actions and its state…
Keynote: Foster a Culture of Progression and Retain Your Talent
Sam Phillips - Co-founder & CTO at ResidentlyAs leaders, our product is our team: we make the machine that makes the machine. Diverse hiring is a critical pa…
Keynote: Hiring in Hypergrowth: Balancing Delivery and Scale
Shannon Hogue - Global Head of Solutions Engineering at KaratIs your engineering team growing so fast that interviews are cutting into coding time? Shannon H…

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Panel discussion + 15-minute Q&A: Dual-track and Scaling Agile
Aubrey Elizabeth Stearn (Moderator) - Executive Director of Software Engineering at JPMorgan & ChaseJoão Graça - CTO at UnbabelPau Minoves - CTO at Typeform…
Panel Discussion: Cybersecurity - Protecting the Organisation’s Technological Assets
Moderator: Anna Dick, Fractional CTO and NED, Dixi TechMarta Jasinska, Chief Technology Officer, LAUNCHPADKatherine Spice, Chief Technology Officer, LEARNERB…
Talk: Metrics Alone Don’t Improve Dev Teams - Strategies for implementing continuous improvement
Ori Keren - CEO, LinearB Tracking engineering metrics is viewed as table stakes by most dev leaders, but not all metrics are created equal and dashboards don…
Talk: Is It Worth It? Four Metrics to Determine Platform Efficiency
Michael Stahnke - Vice President, Platform at CircleCIA successful platform is normally measured by adoption and usage — important metrics to track to ensure…

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Panel Discussion: Self Care as Technology Leaders
Andy Skipper, our Founder and Head Coach, highlighted the closing session at Strategic CTO, where a panel of tech leaders discussed “Self Care as Technology…
Lightning Talk: (Re)Building trust & confidence as a CTO
Jamie Smith Webb, Chief Technology Officer, NumanWe don’t often talk about confidence as a leader. We assume that you’re a leader because you have it and be…
Panel Discussion: Creating an environment of empowerment, psychological safety & trust
Aditi Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Light CardJasper Schulte, Director of Engineering, Booking.comJulien Lavigne du Cadet, Chief Technology Officer…
Fireside Chat: Psychological Safety
Sally Lait - Head of Engineering at FarewillZoe Cunningham - Director at SoftwireLooking at all things psychological safety, our brilliant speakers Sally Lai…

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