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📢 TMW Special Edition: Announcing the 2024 Compensation Survey Report: TMW #379

Hello from CTO Craft Con

For the 2nd year in a row, CTO Craft in partnership with Executive search firm Albany have teamed up with the CTO Community (and beyond!) to produce a report into compensation packages and retention motivators for technology leaders across seniority, funding stages and geography.

The transparency on salaries across base, bonus and equity from the 520 technology leaders that responded provides real time understanding that can help shape the path ahead for leaders of technology businesses.

The results show some significant trends.

To read the 2024 Report in full simply click the link below to go the Survey Report landing page and leave a few details.

A great accompaniment to the report is the below video featuring Albany's Managing Partner Henry Draper who has also compiled this whistlestop 15 minute insight into the report.

Massive thanks, once again, to everyone who participated in this survey from the CTO Craft Community and beyond. Without your input it simply would not be possible to gain this level of insight that benefits so many. 🙏

Thanks, back to Con.