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🎁 Micromanagers, Generative Cultures, Productive Conflict, Leadership Comp, Flow, Shape Up, Decelerators: TMW #312 by CTO Craft

Hello there! We made it to the end of the year!

We'd love to know how your 2022 has been; what lessons have you learned, what challenges have you faced? Are you where you expected to be, coming into 2023? What's your biggest achievement been? Drop us a reply, we'd love to hear any end-of-year reflections you might have.

This will sadly be our last TMW on the Revue platform - after the Twitter takeover, it's being wound down, so we're on the hunt for a new home. You might see some changes in design, but we're going to make sure the whole archive of previous TMW issues comes with us. It'll be sad to see Revue go; we've really enjoyed using it to send you the best culture, leadership and technology links every week.

A massive thanks to all our subscribers for all your support - if you're not yet in our free Slack community please do reach out, we'd love to have you there.

Have a wonderful festive period - we'll see you all in 2023!

Andy @ CTO Craft

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Culture & People
It’s time to get real: the truth about gender diversity in tech
How to build a Generative Culture in an Engineering Team
After the layoff: How to support your team when it just got smaller
Does working remotely make work less toxic?
The Myth of Productive Conflict
Leadership & Self-management
OKRs are hard
Compensation trends: how have leadership salaries changed from before COVID to now?
From BigCo to Startup: 20 Tips for Evaluating Early-Stage Companies & Making the Leap
Lessons not worth learning.
Agile, Engineering & Product
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