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🦞 Roadmaps, Cross-functional Dysfunction, Tech Downturn, Pair TMW #313 by CTO Craft

Hello again, and happy new year! It's good to see you again

You'll notice a very different look to TMW coming into the new year - our host, Revue, is sadly among the Twitter-acquired businesses being shuttered, so we've found a new home on Ghost. Please do let us know if you see any glitches or issues.

We have some massive announcements to make later in the month; CTO Craft is growing, and with it we'll be letting you know about two new offerings.. It'll be worth the wait.

As part of our planning for 2023, we've reworked the four content pillars that we use to ensure the resources and events we create are most useful to you, dear reader. The new pillars are

  • Leadership, Strategy and Business
  • Culture, People and Teams
  • Technology, Operations and Projects
  • Stress, Wellbeing and Personal Development

We're always looking for contributors or ideas for posts and events, so drop us a line if you'd like to get involved.

On with the links!

Andy @ CTO Craft

Zero to CTO - Glyn Roberts is in the spotlight | CTO Craft
Glyn has over 18 years experience in delivering software projects and leading technology teams. He talks about his journey to CTO, team motivation and cage fighting.
Tech debt - the plague of digital businesses that never seems to go away - part 1 | CTO Craft
Engineers complain about tech debt but often feel powerless to fix it and labour through it instead. So how do you manage tech debt to keep it in check?

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Culture & People

How Roadmaps Accidentally Make Teams Powerless
Roadmaps that are too restrictive limit the scope of creativity that your team has to solve problems. Look to build roadmaps that support creative outcomes.
The Fine Line Between Resilience and Rigidity in Team Building
The Risks and Rewards of Building a Resilient Team
Healing Dysfunction in Cross-Functional Product Teams
An approach to maximizing the value of each team member in cross-functional teams
“Networks connect; communities care”
What’s the distinction between a network and a community?

Leadership & Self Management

Getting a job as an engineering executive.
I started my first executive job search when I was 25. Eventually, I got an offer to lead engineering at a startup with four engineers, which I turned down to join Uber. It wasn’t until a decade later that I joined Calm and started my first executive role. If you start researching executive career p…
My Expectations for Managers
These are my basic expectations for managers that report to me
Jade Rubick - Leaders make their own problems
One of the key things that makes leaders effective is the ability to orient themselves. Leaders make their own problems. This post shares how to do that.
The Pendulum Swings: How To Respond To Tech’s Downturn
The macro environment is changing in ways that are creating a more employer-advantaged workspace and demanding results of businesses. Use this as an opportunity to refrain from being an asshole and drive major results for your business.

Agile & Engineering

In-Depth: How To Make Pair Programming More Effective
The role of personality, task complexity, experience, and communication skills on the effectiveness of pair programming
Velocity defeats itself. Get acceleration instead
what a spherical cow can teach us about task prioritization in software teams
What if we rewrite everything ?
This title sounds like a warning message doesn’t it? I am rather very cautious when it comes to rewriting everything from scratch and I…
You Want Modules, Not Microservices
Dissecting why everybody keeps talking about microservices.

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