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🏂 CTO KPIs, Command & Control, Tech & Management Debt, Influence, Retro Games: TMW #314 by CTO Craft

🏂 CTO KPIs, Command & Control, Tech & Management Debt, Influence, Retro Games: TMW #314 by CTO Craft

Hello! Welcome to the week - it's a chilly one here 🥶

Some of you may remember a survey we ran in collaboration with Code Climate last year, focused on how technology leaders have adapted to the disruptions we've all faced over the last few years. The results of this have now all been digested and collated, and you can read the outcome here:

Tech Leadership in Disrupted Times: Our Strategies for Success in 2023 | CTO Craft
We surveyed leaders in relation to tech leadership in disrupted times, but how did leaders view 2022, and what do they predict for 2023?

We'd like to hear from you if you have ideas for surveys and reports that CTO Craft could be putting together - what would you like to know about the role, the ecosystem, the challenges technology leaders face, or anything else?

On with the show. Until next week - stay warm!

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Reads of the Week

KPIs for Early Stage CTOs
Metrics that you ought to be interested in as an early stage technology leader, for teams, individuals, and the organization as a whole.
Big Ideas in Tech for 2023: An a16z Omnibus | Andreessen Horowitz
From entertainment franchise games to the precision delivery of medicines, the a16z team highlights over 40 builder-worthy pursuits for the coming year.

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Culture & People

“Beyond Command and Control” (Book Review)
“It is the system that governs the behaviour” John Seddon et al, “Beyond Command and Control” “Beyond Command and Control” starts off with clarifying the two mai…
Management Debt
Teams naturally start to incur management debt as they grow and become more complex, just as codebases incur tech debt. The combined weight of past decisions creates a web of precedents and exceptions that can cause problems of varying size over time. Here are a few of the main types of management d…
How to Address Tech Debt vs. Product Debt vs. Business Debt
Once upon a time, in a cave filled with software engineers, a voice complaining in unison shouts, “Product Managers do not care about tech…
Managers, you can support your high performers by asking this question twice
A practical guide to making sure those who may not ask for your time and attention are getting the clarity and encouragement they need.
Technical debt: Can investing in it unlock 2x team impact?
When technology leaders should advocate for or against investing in technology initiatives

Leadership & Self Management

Don’t Underestimate Your Influence at Work
The tendency towards underconfidence can also lead us to needlessly (and endlessly) search for ways to gain influence when what we really need is to get better at recognizing the influence we already have — but may not be wielding effectively. In this piece, the author offers three suggestions, not…
Goodhart’s Law Isn’t as Useful as You Might Think
Goodhart’s Law is useless. It tells you about a phenomenon, but it doesn’t tell you how to solve it. We look at how organisations actually prevent Goodhart’s Law, and illustrate this with Amazon’s Weekly Business Review as an example.
Debugging Architects
Whether architects must code or not has been much debated. Why not try debugging?
Leading at Roblox with Claus Moberg - Roblox Blog
Leading at Roblox is a new series that explores the career journeys of Roblox’s leaders and discusses their roles, philosophies, and management styles. In our first profile, we get to know Claus Moberg, VP of Engineering, who heads up our User Group.
Get better at guiding people by cultivating these 5 behaviors
Facilitators are present in many industries and professions, from business leaders to yoga instructors. While leading a group of executives…

Agile & Engineering

Velocity defeats itself. Get acceleration instead
what a spherical cow can teach us about task prioritization in software teams
Feature Factories vs. Value Generators - Itamar Gilad
The feature factory model rests on sound historical foundations, but it is causing massive waste and cost when applied to software.
13 Sprint Retrospective Games for Remote Teams | Parabol
Spice up your retrospective meeting with games designed to help you overcome blockers, learn about working preferences and make continuous improvement.
Enabling better quality - Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
Enabling better quality with quality practices assessment
My preferred approaches to estimation on Agile projects
Initial assessment: Blink Estimation

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