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🍪 Interim CTOs, Engineering Meetings, Scaling, Resilience, Workplace Toxicity, Authenticity, Cycle Time: TMW #315

🍪 Interim CTOs, Engineering Meetings, Scaling, Resilience, Workplace Toxicity, Authenticity, Cycle Time: TMW #315

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Some of our readers will remember our relaunch of the popular London Bytes series last September - and what a first event it was! Co-hosted with Albany Partners, the panel focused on the role of the Interim CTO, how to make the leap from permanent roles, how to find roles and build a personal brand, what the expectations of the role are, among many other topics. You can watch the panel replay here, featuring Meri Williams of Pleo, serial interim CTO Alfonso Ferrandez and David Mackey of Albany Partners' fractional and interim CTO department. Well worth a watch!

We have more London Bytes events lined up over the course of 2023, alongside our regular weekly online Bytes - more details about the next of those below.

Have a great week - see you soon!

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Reads of the Week

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Here’s why you should consider carrying out stay interviews and how they can form part of your overall employee engagement strategy.
Meetings for an effective eng organization.
Some engineers develop a strong point of view that meetings are a waste of their time. There’s good reason for that perspective, as many meetings are quite bad, but it’s also a bit myopic: meetings can also be an exceptionally valuable part of a well-run organization. If you’re getting feedback that…
Scaling Your Team From 5 to 250 Engineers: A Complete Guide | Athenian
This is a complete guide to scaling your engineering org from 5 to 250 engineers. Learn the challenges you’ll face in velocity, quality, and outcome as you scale.

Upcoming CTO Craft Bytes

Why Closing the Digital Skills Gap Needs Flexible Learning

Alexia Pedersen, VP EMEA at O'Reilly joins CTO Craft Bytes for this fireside chat focusing on flexi learning. Friday Jan 27th, 12.30 GMT


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Culture & People

Resilience and Waste in Software Teams
Resilience is coping with unexpected events and environmental change. To have resilience, you need slack. Slack in software development lets people do the little tasks that keep the work moving smo…
Workplace Toxicity Is Not Just a Mental Health Issue
Workplace toxicity leads to a host of negative mental and physical health outcomes, particularly for women of color.
Roles & Responsibilities — Just Work
Whenever something happens that’s not fair at work, you will play at least one of four different roles: person harmed, upstander, person who caused harm, or leader. You may at different moments play all the roles. And sometimes, confusingly, you may even find yourself in two or more roles at once.
Evaluating Managers: 5 heuristics to measure managerial impact
Measuring a manager’s impact is hard since outcomes take time. The manager takes full responsibility for the team – be it stagnation, execution woes, poor collaboration, churn, or a lac…
My 8 Best Techniques for Evaluating Character
These methods have helped me enormously—and can save you much heartache and anxiety

Leadership & Self Management

Bricks of Love: create purpose and engagement with weekly updates
In his book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” Daniel Pink talks about “motivation 3.0″, which comes after basic needs are covered (“motivation 1.0”) and carrots and sticks (“motivation 2.0″). There are three main components in Pink’s theory: • Autonomy to be in control of our de…
Designing A Bug-Free Operating System for Great Managers
Managing is a big role, and effective managers are more critical now than ever. Use the Manager’s Operating System as your checklist.
Shaping Your Authenticity
There are many genres of leadership theories. One of those is authentic leadership. Regardless of how leadership psychology researchers define it, the most common view of authentic leadership is leading while being true to oneself and acting according to one’s feelings, emotions, and values. Unfortu…
Leading With Influence: The Art Of Changing Your Organization — Startup Patterns
It is important to realize that you can only ever influence people to change. You cannot force them, no matter how much authority you may technically have over them. Changing an organization is much more about changing the mindsets and attitudes of the people in it than changing rules or procedures.
What does it mean to be a cost center?
When I shared my piece on Measuring an engineering organization, one point I made was that focusing too heavily on optimization metrics (e.g. things like CI/CD time) can turn engineering into a cost center. That’s not because optimization metrics aren’t important, they’re extremely important! Rather…

Agile & Engineering

We invested 10% to pay back tech debt; Here’s what happened
Why and how we continuously invested the team bandwidth to pay back tech debt and what were the results?
Top 5 Considerations for Better Security in Your CI/CD Pipeline
These factors can help DevOps teams make sure their container strategy isn’t jeopardizing security.
Cycle Time
An examination of the way organizational structure and process affects the rate at which you iterate
Why Your Code Sucks: Common Excuses for Bad Programming
Dave Farley’s exploration of seven common excuses that software developers make for doing a terrible job.
Why you can’t buy an observability solution off the shelf
An effective observability solution is one that helps an operator quickly answer the question “Why is my system behaving this way?” This is a difficult problem to solve in the general c…

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