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🤺 DevEx Course, Decision Making, Power vs Authority, Team Trust, Performance Management, Velocity, Change, Cognitive Load: TMW #360

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Campus members are in for a treat over the next couple of weeks: we have three new courses readying for launch!

First off the line, and live in Campus right now is Developer Experience for CTOs, led by Tobias Mende of Unblocked Engineering. In the course, Tobi digs into recent research and best practices to show us how to implement proven cultural and technical changes to improve productivity and happiness in your team. The course will enable you to:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of Developer Experience and its significance.
  • Learn about frameworks like SPACE and DORA to effectively measure DevEx and productivity.
  • Explore the concepts of flow, cognitive load, feedback, and strategies to optimise these areas.
  • Develop skills to design and conduct impactful engineering surveys, focusing on DevEx insights.
  • Identify common DevEx challenges and learn techniques for overcoming them.
  • Acquire knowledge of tools and methods for prioritising DevEx initiatives to ensure maximum return on investment.

The course is now available to all Campus Foundations, Masters and Circles members - take a look in the Courses page and you'll see how to access it.

If you're not a Campus member yet, you can join for £319 per year, down from £399 using the code LAUNCH23 until Jan 1st on the link below. See you there!

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CTO Craft Mixer: Manchester
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Reads of the Week

Empowerment vs Standardisation
Imagine the following scenario
First decide how to decide: “one weird trick” for easier decisions - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
This is my preferred decision-making process – a version of the “document-discuss-decide” process that I called for at the end of the part 1 in this series. The most important part of this process – its “one weird trick”, if you will – is the way it includes a “how shall we decide?” step. This separates out the meta-question of the decision-making process from the decision itself, which (I’ve found) makes decisions much easier.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

People First Leadership – Working for Your Teams
As a leader, I feel honoured and privileged to be trusted to lead a team of humans. This is a complete career change for most who transition into a manager/people leadership role as your domain kno…
The 3As Approach to Avoid Unnecessary Meetings
Let’s see how to clean up your calendar
Power vs. Authority (And Why it Matters in The Workplace)
How do some people have much power in the workplace without an authority position? Or why some authorities don’t wield much power? In this post, we’ll go over the difference between power and authority and help you understand how to cultivate both without going overboard.
The 3 Layers to Team Trust
How is trust built in teams and organizations?

Culture, People & Teams

Simple Performance Management Tracking Template
This is the bare bones of what it takes to keep track of performance on your team. I want to be abundantly clear, this is not a tool to hold over your team and review weekly. “Bella, you’re doing fantastic, look at all these +2s. Bill, oof, looots of -2s here.”
8 Cultural Attributes of a Truly Agile Company
Gallup has discovered eight key drivers of agility -- dubbed the Agile8. Learn what they are and how to use them to unlock growth at your organization.
Forming. Storming. Norming. And the other one… the lesser known history of Tuckman’s team model
Forming. Storming. Norming. Performing. You may well have heard these stages of group maturity before, but do you know where the theory…
The Importance of Career Laddering | CSS-Tricks
The title of this article is misleading. It’s not actually very important for an Engineering Manager to use career laddering, per se, or my process. It is,

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Practical Ways To Increase Product Velocity
A guide to speeding up your product and engineering teams
Writing and Improving Code with AI
AI for DevEx, Part 1
Expand/Contract: making a breaking change without a big bang
The expand/contract pattern is the key to zero-downtime deployment, replacing nail-biting stop-the-world rollouts with a series of incremental changes that can be made at a leisurely pace.
How to ship fast
My principles for shipping fast and protecting momentum developed over ~12 years of building software.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Overcoming Your Need for Constant Validation at Work
Letting go of the need for constant approval at work doesn’t mean you have to stop caring. In fact, the most effective leaders are those who balance empathy and decisiveness, conviction and compassion, and warmth and strength. In this article, the author offers strategies for how to mitigate an excessive need for approval at work: 1) Do a gut check. The next time you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself: “Am I doing this because I believe it’s the right course of action, or because I want to be seen a certain way?” 2) Formulate your own opinions first. 3) Try the “so what?” test. 4) Wait 24 hours before responding to contentious or charged issues 5) Keep promises you make to yourself.
Why People Fail to Make Important Choices
Decision-making is a skill you can practice
Cognitive Load for Knowledge Work
If you’re responsible for a budget that pays programmers or other knowledge workers, you probably care a great deal about getting good va…
How to tell if you actually have burnout, explained by a therapist
Burnout can cause problems in both your physical and mental health. A psychotherapist outlines the top tips to identify and deal with it.

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