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🦉 Annual Planning, Empowering People, Developer Experience, Concurrent Teams, GenAI in Software Delivery, Remote Team Burnout: TMW #359

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Tech leadership secrets unveiled at CTO Craft Con by legendary leader, Michael Lopp | CTO Craft
At the Nov 2023 CTO Craft Con, we were joined on day 1 for an opening keynote by Michael Lopp who discussed Kobayashi Maru Management.

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CTO Craft Bytes: The challenge of visibility in complex organizations
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Reads of the Week

The tragedy of the common leader - The Engineering Manager
Having an effective peer group requires trust, selflessness, and a desire to focus on the long term. This can be harder than you think.
Coaching leaders toward favorable trajectories of burnout and engagement
Existing literature on executive coaching has shown beneficial outcomes for leaders. Indeed, executive coaching can positively affect an individual’s psychological well-being and quality of work life. However, while burnout among leaders is on the rise, to our knowledge no prior study has investigat…

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

How to do annual planning and strategy for an engineering organization — Lena Reinhard
Master the art of annual planning for your engineering organization. Use the steps in this article to create a strategy that helps you hit the ground running, embrace flexibility, and involve your teams for alignment. And: Get a FREE planning template!
TBM 258: “Just Hire Talented People and Empower Them”
...and hold them accountable, and challenge them, and push them, and, and, and, and…
10 Leadership Styles Every Manager Needs to Know
In this guide, I’ll give a tl; dr of the most common leadership styles, breaking down their advantages and drawbacks in a clear and straightforward manner. You’ll get a practical and comprehensive overview that helps you understand not just what these styles are, but also how they work in real-world…
Navigating Software Leadership in a Dynamic Era - DZone
Explore why leading in software isn’t a static ride. Learn the risks of past success reliance, the dangers of detachment, and the importance of continual learning.

Culture, People & Teams

Redefining Developer Experience — Begin Blog
For years now, the most popular JS frameworks have carried out intense marketing initiatives based on the premise of improving developer experience (DX). What is it about these promises of great DX that is consistently delivering poor user experiences? Can we change our approach to DX for the better…
Measuring the Impact of Developer Experience - Dr. McKayla
What impact does DevX have on developers, teams, and organizations? Developer Experience (DevX) Over the last two years, I have
Rethinking the Status Quo of Annual Performance Reviews - Blog
Breadcrumbs list
Do You Really Need That Expensive Infra Re-Org? Here’s how to find out
The common belief is that reorganizing infrastructure teams will inherently improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, our key insight is that altering organizational boundaries does not fundamentally change the work required for cloud systems. It does impact the distribution of roles and respons…

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Create technical leverage: workflow improvements & product capabilities
More than a decade ago, I typed up a few paragraphs of notes, titled it “Building Technical Leverage,” and proceeded to forget about it. Those notes were from a meeting with Kevin Scott, then SVP Engineering at LinkedIn, while we wandered the Valley trying to convince potential acquirers to buy Digg…
Synchronizing concurrent teams
Or, rather: Try not to.
From Technical Debt to Design Integrity
Despite being widely used in the software development community, I think the technical debt metaphor has been misused, leading to annoying…
Three things GenAI will not change about software delivery | Thoughtworks

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Workshops to Brainstorm Life & Career Goals
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? I used to dread this question. It always made me feel as if I should know the answer to this – rather than just making it up as I go along as I normally do. And I felt bad that this wasn’
4 Habits of Emotionally Strong People
#1: Control your attention, not your emotions
Remote Work Burnout Is Real
As a freelancer working remotely, dealing with it has not been easy.

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