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🧥 Slowing Down, Perfectionism, Building Trust, Neurodivergence, Overburden, Enabling Gaps, Stress Management: TMW #358

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Hello again! It's the start of a brand new week

You may have noticed a lack of TMW fun last week - apologies for that, there's been some illness at chez Skipper, which is thankfully now past its worst.

Last week, hot on the heels of the recent CTO Craft Con, we opened up Super Early Bird tickets for the next installation, which we're lovingly calling The Big One. That's because we're moving to a new location in central London, which will allow us to host over 400 people. It's going to be the biggest CTO Craft party yet!

The line-up is looking stellar already, with speakers like Charity Majors, Gergely Orosz, Laura Tacho, and CTOs from companies like Monzo, Doist, Which?, Skyscanner, MOO, and many more.

Grab your Super Early Bird ticket on the link below - you won't regret it.

CTO Craft Con: London | 8-9 May 2024
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 400 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their engineering culture in London, May 2024

Also, if you're in Dublin or Edinburgh, don't miss our Mixer events at the beginning of December if you'd like to meet some of the CTO Craft members for relaxed chats and beverages. Details are a little further down this email.

That's it, on with the show! Stay warm

Andy @ CTO Craft

Dive into the highlights: Reflecting on the success of our November CTO Craft Con | CTO Craft
Find out more about our November CTO Craft Con, the scintillating speakers, insightful content and networking with over 250 tech leaders.

CTO Craft Events

CTO Craft Bytes: The challenge of visibility in complex organizations
In this fireside chat, find out how leaders at Fortune 500 companies are creating a cultural shift in their organizations
CTO Craft Mixer: Dublin
Network and learn with fellow CTOs, CTO Craft community members and aspiring tech leaders in Dublin, Ireland
CTO Craft Mixer: Edinburgh
Join CTOs and aspiring tech leaders for an in-person CTO Craft Mixer in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Reads of the Week

TBM 257: How to Make the Case for Slowing Down to Speed Up
How can we make the case for slowing down to speed up when we are already going slow, and when shutting things down and starting over is not an option?
The Failed Commodification Of Technical Work — Ludicity

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[From Vention] CTO Craft Con 2023: Our Highlights and Top Trends

The second edition of CTO Craft Con highlighted trends such as cautious optimism, remote culture growth, and resilient management teams. Check out Vention's post-event recap for more details!

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

We Can’t Always Be Perfect – Owning Your Leadership Mistakes
Historically, there was expectation that to be a good leader, you had to be bulletproof and show no weakness, make no mistakes and certainly show no negative emotion. This lead to leaders masking t…
Software Development and Postmortems
On August 1, 2012, Knight Capital Group suffered a severe trading loss due to a software error. A technician’s failure to update one of the eight servers
How to Build Trust - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
What are the major management behaviors that can help build trust? Management books often cover the importance of trust, but abstractly. There’s precious little writing about the nuts and bolts, the day-to-day tasks of trust-building. That’s the gap I’d like to try to fill with this article.
Supporting Sustainability - Benji’s Blog
what about from the management side? I often hear from engineering and product managers that they’re unaware, or learn too late, that folks were accumulating debt. It becomes visible when teams are no longer able to achieve goals.

Culture, People & Teams

Leading Minds of All Kinds – Embracing Neurodivergence in Your Teams
Leading a team can be hugely rewarding and helping then succeed through your guidance/mentoring and coaching can give you the ultimate job satisfaction. Following on from my previous article on sup…
The Generalist/Specialist hiring mismatch - Wille Faler
Tech needs more proactive generalists with high-level problem-solving- and interpersonal skills, with a high capacity for learning, but we hire for deep specialization with an emphasis on rote memorization. How do we start probing for what really matters?
The Downside of Psychological Safety in the Workplace
Too much psychological safety at work can jeopardize the performance of routine tasks, according to Wharton’s Peter Cappelli.
On hidden context: Behavioral science is the key to studying engineering effectiveness
In the last eight months, I’ve talked about our Developer Thriving framework with junior developers, with industry analysts, with crowds at conferences, and most of all, with engineering leaders and managers. It has been such an amazing journey since we launched this research project last March. I’v…

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Software governance in the age of GenAI and citizen developers | Thoughtworks
What Exactly Is Overburden (Muri)? | AllAboutLean.com
Overburden (muri) is one of the three evils of manufacturing, along with unevenness (mura) and waste (muda). Out of the three, overburden is probably the least understood. Hence, in this post I will look deeper at overburden, including plenty of examples as well as the effects of overburden on your…
Characterizing Software Developers by Perceptions of Productivity
The six types of developers, categorized by their ideal workday.
Neurodiversity and invisible disabilities in Agile | Agile Alliance
Shedding light on the significance of accommodating neurodiversity and providing practical tips for creating an inclusive and effective Agile team.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Overcoming Procrastination (and How to Help Your Team Do the Same) | Management 3.0
Procrastination: delaying tasks intentionally. Why we do it, its work impact, and strategies to overcome it for better productivity.
Enabling Gaps
Sometimes my calendar looks like an LA freeway: 100% utilization, ultimate deadlock. This is not one of those times. November through January are quiet at my current job, no big launches or deadlin…
Once Exhaustion Sets In: Stress Management Simplified
Experiencing exhaustion is a challenge, but it may hold a surprising benefit regarding stress management.
Getting better feedback on your work | hellojames
I’m a designer who helps growing organisations build great in-house teams.

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