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🦔 DevEx Study, Team Trust, Commodity Engineers, Silos, Fury Driven Development, Waste, Indecision: TMW #367

Plus: New Campus videos and courses, Mixer events and Compensation Survey
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Hello again, it's Monday!

Those readers who are already Campus members will have spotted a section called "CTO Stories", where some of the best technology leaders share mistakes they've made and lessons they've learned in short videos. We have a load more of these coming up - if you'd like a taste, have a look here.

We'll be launching new content series and some fresh new courses over the next couple of weeks - if you'd like to join the fun, have a look at the different membership options here.

Don't forget: we're running our second Tech Leader Compensation Survey right now - over 400 people have already taken part, and it only takes a few minutes. Please do take a peek! We'll be releasing the report in a month or so.

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Andy @ CTO Craft

Campus by CTO Craft: The Go-to Resource for Senior Technology Leaders
Created for CTOs, by CTOs: A transformative learning community for senior technology leaders in startups and scale-ups
CTO Craft Con: London | 8-9 May 2024
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 500 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their engineering culture in London, May 2024

CTO Craft Events

CTO Craft Bytes: Beyond just an OpenAI wrapper
Nowadays, some products and features are indeed “just OpenAI wrappers”. But, to build compelling products that take advantage of GenAi models, there is still a lot of work, thought, and deliberation needed. What techniques and patterns do we need to learn to effectively unlock the potential of this revolution?
CTO Craft Mixer: Edinburgh 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Edinburgh
CTO Craft Mixer: Dublin 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Dublin
CTO Craft Mixer: Gothenburg 2024
Join our community of CTOs and senior tech leaders for an informal meet-up in Gothenburg

Mixers: We have a number of Mixer events coming up shortly in Edinburgh, Dublin, Sofia, Bristol, Manchester and Berlin - read more here and book your place. Are you interested in launching a Mixer in your city? Drop us a line!

Reads of the Week

Microsoft: Study Proves Investing in ‘DevEx’ Pays Off -- Visual Studio Magazine
Microsoft says organizational focus on improving the overall developer experience -- as opposed to traditional developer productivity/velocity measurements -- pays off, according to new research.
The Tension between Authentic and Adaptive Leadership - NOBL Academy
Modern leadership isn’t one type of leadership; it must be a blend of approaches depending on your context and core values

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[From Coherence] Measuring Engineering Velocity on a Software Team

The concept of "velocity" has become a cornerstone metric for modern software development teams. Below is a guide to understanding and effectively measuring engineering velocity on a software team.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

The POMKRA Method
Making OKRs Actually Useful
The 3 Layers to Unlocking Team Trust: A Leader’s Guide - Leadership Garden
Uncover how trust is built within teams across three levels - individual, team, and organizational, and explore the 11 factors that significantly influence this process.
Your First Year as a CTO: A Comprehensive Guide
The transition into the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role is pivotal not only for the individual but also for the future of the…
What if everybody did everything right?
In the wake of an incident, we want to answer the questions “What happened?” and, afterwards, “What should we do differently going forward?” Invariably, this leads to people…

Culture, People & Teams

Engineers Are Not A Commodity
Stop thinking of engineers like they’re cogs in a wheel.
Bridging Silos and Overcoming Collaboration Antipatterns in Multidisciplinary Organizations
Emily Webber explores some common anti-patterns and the problems that those anti-patterns create, then shares some approaches and techniques to break those silos down to work together better.
Building A High-Performing Team — Chapter 3
Streamlining Communication
The Social Cost of Algorithmic Management
To achieve efficiencies and reduce costs, more and more companies are managing their employees by algorithm. In this article, the authors present some of the first research findings concerning the effects of algorithmic management on workplace dynamics. One important finding is that employees managed by algorithms are less likely than colleagues managed by people to help others. The authors conclude with suggestions for how companies who want to use algorithmic management can mitigate its negative effects.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Fury Driven Development — Ludicity
(Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup
Assortment of technology startup infrastructure recommendations
JUXT Blog: Cutting software waste
Where are the most impactful wastes in the software business, and how can we eliminate them?
Managing the evolving landscape of data products: Part 1
This is the first of a two-part series exploring the scope of data products in a dynamic landscape. This article delves into managing the…

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Beyond Indecision: The Psychological Forces Shaping Our Choices
Achieving peak productivity hinges on focus, a theme central to “Radical Focus.” However, making informed decisions, essential for this focus, often challenges professionals. But decisi…
Easy life? No, most of us want challenging, rewarding work
ALSO: how to find out what your boss is telling people about you
Beyond The Spotlight: Charity Majors
Welcome to the latest blog post in the Beyond The Spotlight series. In each post, I interview conference speakers about their talk process, preparation and delivery, showing what happens behind the scenes of great conference talks. In today’s Beyond The Spotlight, I’m chatting to Charity Majors. You may
People Probably Like You More Than You Think
Do people understand the impressions they make on others or do their anxieties lead them to assume the worst? Across nearly 10 years of research and tens of thousands of observations, the authors have come to this answer: people underestimate how much others like them, and this bias has important implications for how people work together.

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