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📚 Ego-less Leadership, Ambiguity, Meeting Hell, Evil PIPs, LLM App Development, No-Code, Negotiating: TMW #368

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With only 10 weeks left until CTO Craft Con: London, the Events team at CTO Craft have been busy bees. We're delighted to welcome Hannah von Nostrand to the team as Senior Content and Production Manager - she'll be working on filling out the agenda and working with speakers for this conference, but also for more conferences later in the year... Watch this space for more information on those shortly, especially if you're based in Central or Eastern Europe....

Tickets for May's conference are still flying out the door, and the number of Early Bird tickets is rapidly diminishing - if you're planning to come along, don't lose your chance to pick up a ticket for the lower price, and remember to use the access code "Community-May-24" in the checkout to enable your member pricing. Get in quick!

Don't forget: we're running our second Tech Leader Compensation Survey right now - nearly 450 people have already taken part, and it only takes a few minutes. Please do take a peek! We'll be releasing the report in a month or so.

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Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Mentoring: A swipe right for first-time tech leaders | CTO Craft
At CTO Craft we’ve decided to break it down and explain why CTO mentoring is essential and why it’s worth continuing the search for The One.

CTO Craft Events

CTO Craft Con: London | 8-9 May 2024
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 500 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their engineering culture in London, May 2024
CTO Craft Bytes: Beyond just an OpenAI wrapper
Nowadays, some products and features are indeed “just OpenAI wrappers”. But, to build compelling products that take advantage of GenAi models, there is still a lot of work, thought, and deliberation needed. What techniques and patterns do we need to learn to effectively unlock the potential of this revolution?

Mixers: We have a number of Mixer events coming up shortly in Gothenburg, Sofia, Bristol, Manchester, Bucharest, Munich and Berlin - read more here and book your place. Are you interested in launching a Mixer in your city? Drop us a line!

Reads of the Week

A quick and easy guide to measurement.
I’m frequently asked, “What are Wardley Maps good for”? Well, they are ideally suited for asking and exploring questions about a dynamic…
The Evolution of Engineering Leadership: From Startup to Scale-Up
Scaling a company from its inception to a mature, thriving business is an exhilarating journey marked by significant challenges and…

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Shifting to Egoless Leadership Can Elevate Everyone Around You to the Top Floor
Drop the ‘me’ in your leadership to unlock limitless impact and collaboration.
TBM 274: How Capable Leaders Navigate Uncertainty and Ambiguity
What do leaders who are skilled at navigating complexity know how to do? What do they do differently? What would you observe if a leader had these skills? That’s the question Tom (author of the Innovation Tactics card deck) and John posed themselves in a recent conversation. These skills are typically lumped under “soft skills” and “culture fit”.
How to Successfully Manage Technical Domains Outside Your Expertise
In an earlier article, I discussed the best practices for managers stepping into a new team, with an implicit assumption that the manager possesses expertise in the team’s professional domain. However, it’s quite common for new managers to find themselves overseeing a technical domain where they lac
How to Boss Without Being Bossy – Holy Ghost Stories

Culture, People & Teams

How to keep engineers out of meeting hell
Why are most meetings hell for engineers? Meetings aren’t as interesting as coding Most attendees aren’t needed to contribute for the whole time An engineer’s impact during a meet…
5 Steps (and 9 Experiments) for a Successful Transition to a…
Recently I wrote about the importance of transforming the Self in a successful transition to a self-managing organization. However, this transition…
Engineering culture at Snyk: The values that support and drive our teams
Snyk has always been a company with an amazing and strongly defined culture. As we grow, we want to be intentional about sharing and spreading our core values while giving space for different…
The Performance Improvement Plan is Cruel and Unusual.
So why are so many companies still using it?

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
Experiences of using ChatGPT on a range of technical writing
4 Steps to Achieving Operational Flow and Improving Quality in Tech Teams
No matter the team or organisation size, there’s always more to do than is possible to get done. That’s why it’s so important for work to flow effectively. This article discusses 4 steps to achieving operational flow and improving quality in tech teams.
How No-Code/Low-Code Solutions Impact Business Outcomes | 8th Light
Explore the differences between low-code/no-code solutions, rapid development tooling, and traditional coding to enhance your software development strategy.
Agile leadership lessons from Andy Reid: empowering individuals to score big | Agile Alliance
Discover how the dynamic duo of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes exemplifies Agile leadership by valuing individuals and interactions, inspiring a blueprint for impactful team guidance.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

The Problem Was Never Burnout
We need to stop pretending our exhaustion is the crisis
How Do You Spend Your Time? - Marc’s Blog
Secrets of Power Negotiating — book summary
Up your negotiation game with those tips
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
I had no idea what kind of problems people expect you to solve as a Manager. Even before my official start date, I got pulled into a…

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