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🛵 People Pleasers, Tech Decisions, Disagreements, Listening, Accessibility, Auth Resilience, One Goal per Day: TMW #331

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Are you a people pleaser? Here’s how to successfully lead your team | CTO Craft
Tech leader and people pleaser, Jamie discusses his experiences and helpful tactics of leading as a people pleaser.

Reads of the Week

Technology Decision Making (and Boring Technology)
I came across a link to Choose Boring Technology by Dan McKinley via one of my community Slack channels. It got me thinking about the…
Barriers to Change: Status Quo Bias - NOBL Academy
When “good enough” isn’t good enough anymore, you must convince teams that change is worth the pain of disruption

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[From YLD] Innovate or Die: Balancing Innovation and Risk in Technology

High-level executives face a complicated technology landscape, and their strategic decisions can't rely solely on standard practices or established

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

To Decide is Human: The Importance of Effective Decision Making in…
Breadcrumbs list
Setting goals that inspire and drive performance
Is the path ahead clear and motivating for your entire team?
Can’t get someone to agree on something, do this.
it’s very important to get the conversation towards the other person saying “Yes”..!!!
The complicated parts of leadership: Betting on people
In this series of short stories, I share tricky situations I’ve encountered while leading teams. These experiences have taught me invaluable leadership lessons and greatly influenced my manag…

Culture, People & Teams

Digging for diamonds: Three ways to empower female leaders in tech
How can organizations propel more women into leadership positions and help them thrive? Read the blog to discover three meaningful approaches to get more women inside the boardroom and pave the way for equitable opportunities.
Creating a Culture of Listening
The first step is to listen more and talk less
The Silent Ponderous Type: How to Help Your Team Member Speak Up in Meetings
A team member who doesn’t speak up in meetings might be the silent ponderous type. Here are practical tips to help them share their ideas.
5 Habits Of High-Performing Teams | David Burkus
You’ve probably felt what it’s like to be on a high-performing team. You feel energized. Your brain is on fire with great ideas, and conversations with the

Technology, Operations & Delivery

The Modern Web is Broken for People with Disabilities
When I tell you a story of a visually impaired man lost in a hotel without braille signage, or one of a woman in a wheelchair unable to enter a local restaurant or use their bathroom, the reaction is predictable. You recognize it as unfair, wrong — not just because it’s illegal, but because access i…
10 Bitter Pills for Agile Leaders — RGalen Consulting
10 Bitter Pills to Swallow About Agile for Leaders 1. Customers don’t care if you’re agile, waterfall or otherwise. They care about their experience & that your product helps them. Focus on the quality and frequency of your interactions with customers. 2. It won’t solve all of your p
How to do Great Pull Requests - Crisp’s Blog
Don’t. Don’t do Pull Requests. But if you have to, continue reading. Have you ever been ambushed by a Pull Request? It’s happened a lot to me. There’s a Pull Request on some software that you and your…
Authentication Resilience amidst Legacy Environments
The buzzword everywhere is Zero trust. Most companies out there still have exposure to legacy environments. What then can we do to promote…

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Career Focus—When You Change, But Your View of You Doesn’t
One of the career mistakes I see too many make is identifying with and lingering in the wrong role long after the expiration date.
Preventing Burnout: Strategies for a Healthy Work-Life Balance
Understanding the Causes of Burnout
One goal per day
One goal per day is all you need. Here’s why.

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