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Hello there! The time is upon us..

Yep, Tuesday sees the kick off of our very first in-person conference, CTO Craft Con London: the Strategic CTO. We're hard at work putting the final polish on the venue and line-up, and the whole CTO Craft team is looking forward to seeing you in Wapping. The weather is looking decent, and there'll be rooftop drinks for attendees and Circle members. We couldn't be more excited

Tickets sold out a few weeks ago, but if you'd like to see the sessions, there's a Recordings Pass available on the conference website - hopefully we'll see you in person at the next event! (Keep this to yourself... there'll be another conference before the end of the year....)

That's it - hopefully see you in London this week! On with the links

Andy @ CTO Craft

Creating a truly neurodivergent and disability-inclusive workplace - with EmployAbility founder, Tab Ahmad | CTO Craft
Tab Ahmad is the CEO of EmployAbility, and she discusses how to create a neurodivergent and disability-inclusive workplace.

Reads of the Week

Little Giants of Tech
Mirror mirror on the wall, whose role is most impactful of them all? The answer might surprise you.
The Talent to Value framework
In the knowledge economy, nothing is more critical to a business’s success than the humans that it consists of. Having the right…

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

The Effective Manager — How I Lead My Teams in Only 36 Hours a Week
6 Practices
Building a Culture of Leadership Development – Mac’s Blog
Meetings *are* the work
Wherein I take aim at the common tech trope that people need to limit meetings to get work done.
What is a Fractional Executive? 20+ Leaders Share Examples, Pitfalls, and Benefits of Hiring One — Reforge
What is a fractional executive? How much do they cost? And should you consider such a role? This article walks through it all, pulling directly from the experience of experienced executives.

Culture, People & Teams

What Makes Employees Happy At Work? | David Burkus
In this article, we’ll review those four elements of employee happiness and offer suggestions on how to leverage each to make employees happy at work.
Motivating People STILL Doesn’t Work - Leadership Freak
Everything has changed, but one thing is true. You still can’t motivate people. But you can apply groundbreaking insight into human motivation.
Communication differences on diverse teams
Differences in communication styles can be a constant source of conflict on diverse teams. Understanding these differences is key to building trust, avoiding misunderstandings and leading more effectively.
Culture is Feeling Part of Something
ALSO: Scroll down for a stunning surge in firms demanding a return to the office
How to Stop the Knowledge Loss and Support Writing Documentation
The way we work as software engineers is rapidly changing. We’re facing new challenges, and among them, there is knowledge availability and knowledge loss. What we can do as leaders to counteract that is to prepare good documentation. But developers usually view writing as an extra burden. I want to…
The sick reason why companies lay off their best, high-performing employees.
Human psychology is at play!

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Github Copilot and ChatGPT alternatives
There are a growing number of AI coding tools that are alternatives to Copilot. A list of other popular, promising options.
From Chaos to Collaboration: 5 “Do’s and Don’ts” for Data Engineers Working in Teams
Data Engineering is often a solitary role that involves working with various stakeholders, but what to do when you are a part of a team?
Architecture Principles: An approach to effective decision making in software architecture
Are you a software architect and often find it difficult to make architecture decisions in your team? This article shows you how to use architecture principles to make effective decisions in your team.
DevEx: What Actually Drives Productivity - ACM Queue
Planning Engineering Projects Effectively
The database schema is not what you should worry about

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

The Power of Growth is in Giving First - Kathy Keating
One Thursday in 2014, as I aimlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed, a post caught my attention. It was a plea for technical mentors to gather in Boulder, CO over the upcoming weekend. Little did I know that stumbling upon this one post would become a turning point in my career, setting me on a p…
More Than 50% of Managers Feel Burned Out
More than 50% of managers report feeling burned out, a number slightly higher than employees more broadly. The causes include the challenges of the pandemic combined with experiencing three hallmarks of burnout: exhaustion, cynicism, and a perceived lack of professional accomplishment. How can organ…
People-pleasers are at a higher risk of burnout, says Harvard-trained psychologist — How to spot the signs
People-pleasers struggle with setting boundaries, which can be exhausting and lead to “chronic stress,” says Debbie Sorensen, a Harvard-trained psychologist.
Don’t Let Passion Lead to Burnout on Your Team
Passion is often heralded as the key to a fulfilling and successful career, but the authors’ recent research suggests that it can also come at a cost: Feeling passionate about work can lead to exhaustion and even burnout. Through studies with more than 700 employees across a wide range of industries…

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