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📸 Performance vs Comp, Alignment, Strategic Narrative, Trust, Help, Glassdoor, Retros, The Goal, Curiosity: TMW #333

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What an amazing time we all had putting on the biggest party in CTO Craft's history last week - the Tobacco Dock gallery was literally shoulder-to-shoulder as nearly 300 of the best CTOs and technology leaders in Europe (and some in the US and beyond) joined us for two days of talks, panels, interviews and networking in the sunshine, followed by drinks in the Skylight Rooftop Bar. The conference was the result of an incredible effort by the whole team, but especially our Head of Conference, Rachel Thomas - a special thank you for making it such a smooth and painless couple of days, and thank you also to Lee-Jon and Emma for your brilliant stewardship as MCs on the two days.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we've already secured the venue for the next CTO Craft Con, which will be on November 7th and 8th. If you enjoyed yourself this time, or missed out and would like to attend, you can pre-register here to be the first to hear when tickets go on sale.

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CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes - Fireside chat with Eric Weiss
At this fireside chat, we’re joined by Eric Weiss, the founder of The Chaos to Clarity Accelerator.

Reads of the Week

Performance & Compensation: ‘Two Households Both Alike In Dignity’
It’s an expectation that Performance and Compensation go hand in hand and that they work together effortlessly. The problem is they’re…
The Slow Decline of Highly Motivated Developers
Why developer motivation decreases and what can managers do about it?

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Alignment gets expensive. Don’t skimp on it.
Honeycomb has doubled in size since I joined less than 2 years ago. More people means we can do more things at the same time. Both “more people” and “more things at the same time&…
Extract the kernel.
As I’ve served longer in an executive role, I’ve started to notice recurring communication challenges between executives and the folks they work with. The most frequent issue I see is when a literal communicator insists on engaging in the details with a less literal executive. I call the remedy, “ex…
The power of strategic narrative | Andy Raskin
Brought to you by Coda —Meet the evolution of docs | Lenny’s Job Board —Hire the best product people. Find the best product gigs | Eco —Your most rewardi…
The Next Larger Context
“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context — a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an…
Building Social Capital When You Work Remotely
While social capital has always been integral to collaboration at work, it is essential for every hybrid and remote employee and for solo entrepreneurs. Since this work has rendered many of these employees less visible, it has become non-negotiable for these employees to invest in their own interper…

Culture, People & Teams

Trust at Work ✍🏻 Drawn to Leadership
You can easily tell when trust has been broken. But what exactly is trust? In this issue, we look at a framework for trust, the four skills needed to master trust, and how leaders can apply these concepts in the workplace to foster better collaboration.
Smart Help - 7 Questions to Ask Before Helping - Leadership Freak
Successful leaders help people, but helping has disadvantages you might not see.
Layoffs push down scores on Glassdoor: this is how companies respond
Several tech companies face a fresh problem after cutting jobs: their rating on Glassdoor nosedives. But there’s a way they can fix this. I show what companies are doing - and why.
Debunking the Dunning-Kruger effect – the least skilled people know how much they don’t know, but everyone thinks they are better than average
The idea that the least skilled are the most unaware of their incompetency is pervasive in science and pop culture. But a new analysis of the data shows that the Dunning-Kruger effect may not be true.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Retrospective Facilitation — Age-of-Product.com
Retrospective Facilitation: A Simple Hack to Go from Good to Great — Rotate the Facilitator Role — Age-of-Product.com
Applying Goldratt’s ‘The Goal’ to Your Scrum Team: Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability
As a Scrum Master, you’re no stranger to the challenges that come with steering a team toward efficient and effective project completion…
Scaling Site Reliability Engineering Teams the Right Way | Squadcast
This blog unpacks everything you need to know about scaling an SRE team like the common indicators, and the steps that need to be taken for scaling your team. The blog uses the People-Process-Tools approach for an effective explanation.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Navigating Burnout in Cybersecurity: A Guide for CISOs
Discover the contributing factors to burnout in cybersecurity, its impact, and how CISOs can help their teams maintain a healthy work-life balance and improve productivity.
Curiosity and Self-Awareness are Must-Haves for Handling Conflict
When you’re in a team, collaborating with others, it’s crucial to embrace diverse opinions and dissent; you need to have good conflicts. Conflicts have bad reputations, but with curiosity you can harvest more positive outcomes and build trust and psychological safety. Self-awareness of your emotion…
Is It Burnout or Job Dissatisfaction?
Have you ever struggled between feeling burnt out from coding and wondered if it was time for a…

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