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🥯 Executive Presence, Skills Gaps, Data Teams, Negativity, Fractional CxOs, Distributed Systems, Refactoring: TMW #317

Hello again, welcome to the week!

You'll have noticed that we've now formally announced our first in-person CTO Craft Con, which will be held on May 23rd and 24th in London - this is a massive first step into larger-format live events for us after being completely focused on virtual conferences since the start of the pandemic. To make sure it's an amazing experience for everyone who's come along, we've built a team of seasoned pros including our Head of Conference, Rachel Thomas - welcome to the team, Rach!

There'll be the usual keynotes and panels, as well as a Call for Papers - more on that soon - but since it's our first time bringing so many people together in the same space, we'll also be adding some great networking activities, as well as some great food and drink. It's going to be amazing.

We haven't launched ticket sales quite yet, but you can pre-register to be the first to hear about it here: CTO Craft Con London 2023

As always, CTO Craft Community members will get a massive discount on conference tickets, so if you're thinking of coming, that's the place to be. It's free to join, so don't miss out. You can apply for membership here.

That's it! On with the show - have a great week

Andy @ CTO Craft

What’s in Store for the Tech Market in 2023? An Early Temperature Check on Growth and Hiring | CTO Craft
Redundancies in January 2023 totalled a third of the total layoffs in 2022. Here are our insights into the tech market one month into 2023.

Reads of the Week

Jade Rubick - Uplevel your managers with Mini-M support groups
A Mini-M is a group of managers that meet weekly or biweekly. The meeting is a combination support group and working session. I describe the practice.
How to Improve Your Executive Presence to Have More Influence and Impact
Today on Asking for a Friend I interview Joel Garfinkle, Executive Coach and author, about executive presence for more impact and influence.

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PlanetScale: a scalable, serverless database platform offering robust scalability, collaboration, and edge computing capabilities.

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Culture & People

Skills Gap Analysis: How To Identify Key Skills To Meet Your Business Goals
How to run a skills gap analysis to determine your hiring and learning and development requirements.
My critique of “the Spotify Model”: Part 1
Part 2 here
Can bossless management work?
Not according to B-school professors Nicolai Foss and Peter Klein, whose new book makes the case for functional hierarchy.
Data Science Team Topologies
How data product development diverges from software
Embrace Mistakes to Build a Learning Culture | Ben Laker
Mistakes and critical incidents can serve as learning opportunities and help build a culture of growth and innovation.

Leadership & Self Management

How I Lead 45 Direct Reports in Only Four Days a Week (with Four Fundamental Habits)
#2, Do the hard stuff
How to Stop Being Perceived as Negative at Work - Let’s Grow Leaders
If you are perceived as negative at work when you actually really care, here’s my top tip to change how your colleagues receive your ideas.
My typical tactics for influencing leaders at different levels
Originally presented at Agile Lean Ireland.
Skills that make a big difference — Empathy
Becoming a Better Engineer — Part 2
What is a Fractional Executive? 20+ Leaders Share Examples, Pitfalls, and Benefits of Hiring One — Reforge
What is a fractional executive? How much do they cost? And should you consider such a role? This article walks through it all, pulling directly from the experience of experienced executives.

Agile & Engineering

The Inevitable - Failures in Distributed Systems
Experiencing failure at scale is as the popular Marvel character Thanos would say “Inevitable”. Memory leaks, software or hardware or network I/O failures are just a few. It’s a problem of simple mathematics, the probability of failing rises as the total number of operations performed increases. Wit…
Your Tech Stack Doesn’t Do What Everyone Needs It To. What Next?
Stack extensibility is an essential trait of well-designed IT ecosystems. Low-code BPA (Business Process Automation) has advantages that puts it at the forefront of approaches to stack extensibility. Learn how low-code software increases process resiliency by empowering business teams with an easy-t…
How to Deliver a Fixed Scope, Fixed Date Project with Agile - SHIFT314
How to deliver a fixed scope, fixed date project with Agile and work with waterfall teams. Overcome typical Agile assumptions and beliefs.
Investing Wisely in Architecture Through Refactoring
The stronger your refactoring skill, the more easily you can use architecture advice as guidelines instead of as rules to enforce. This makes it significantl...

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