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⛺️ CTO Wellbeing, Engagement, Context Switching, Fake Urgency, Building Partnerships, Milestone-Kanban: TMW #318

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Here at CTO Craft, we have four main content pillars that help guide us when selecting topics and themes for our posts, Bytes, conferences, and everything else we do: Leadership, Culture, Technology and Wellbeing. We believe each is as important as the others when leading teams, and when growing ourselves as leaders. That last pillar is something we view as essential, and commonly an area new leaders struggle with.

We're really keen to understand how engineering leaders are managing the stressful and unpredictable times we're living in, and your outlook for 2023. To that end, we're running our CTO Health Check Survey. What's in it for you? Well, we'll be using the responses to help us zero in on some more useful resources to help leaders maintain healthy levels of stress, and we'll be sharing how others in the role deal with the day-to-day. Your input would be hugely useful to us, and the community - thanks very much in advance!

CTO Craft: Your Leadership Health in 2023 Survey
New year, new you. But, what’s the true health of your leadership approach and your team’s health, and how can you shape this to ensure a productive 2023? Thank you for being involved in this survey. It’s completely anonymous to ensure you feel comfortable being open in your answers.

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Zero to CTO – Fábio Oliveira is in the Spotlight | CTO Craft
Fábio is the MD at YLD. Find out how he moved into leadership and the skills he thinks every tech leader needs.

Reads of the Week

Improving employee engagement during times of change | Culture Amp
In this four-part research series, learn why organizations need to understand and prioritize improving employee engagement during periods of change.
Tech Volunteers Rush to Save Turkey’s Earthquake Survivors
Within hours of the disaster, software engineers were rolling out applications to help locate people in need and distribute aid.

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Culture & People

The Alternative to Performance Reviews for Software Engineers
Table of Contents
DevEx Principles: Minimize switching contexts
My Principles for Developer Experience
Stronger team bonds power success
ALSO: Tech Firms Are Developing Culture Envy
When the work is draining, even success is demotivating
Employees feel energized when they see how their work moves the company towards a meaningful goal — not output metrics or process…
How to Create a Culture of Change Acceptance | QAspire
Most change initiatives fail because of soft/human aspects of building a culture. This post illustrates six components of creating a culture of change acceptance based on a recent HBR article.

Leadership & Self Management

Note to future self: Beware of fake urgency
Remember to avoid creating urgency even though it works
30-60 days in a new leadership role: run experiments for change
Woohoo, you’ve made it through the first 30 days in your new leadership role, and you didn’t change a thing! Congrats—you’ve been building trust by soaking i...
How to Create Partnerships Instead of Using Stakeholders - Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
About 20 years ago, I taught a project management workshop to IT people. Their products and services did not ship outside the building—their products and services enabled the organization to make money. During that workshop, the participants all had the same question, “How do we engage our stakehold…
7 Relationship Building Rules for Results-Driven Leaders - Leadership Freak
Leadership is about results through relationship. Don’t feel less concern for results. Give more attention to relationship building.
My role as a founder CTO: Year Five
It’s hard to believe that five years have already gone by since RevenueCat’s inception. In a matter of weeks, RevenueCat will become the company where I have...

Agile & Engineering

Milestone-Kanban: A hybrid project scheduling technique | Agile Alliance
Milestone-Kanban Schedule (MKS) combines traditional & Agile project management to handle projects where deliverables are clear but time & effort are uncertain.
What Every Developer Should Know About GDPR | 8th Light
MotherDuck: Big Data is Dead
Big data is dead. Long live easy data.
On Code Coverage Tools
The other day, someone on Mastodon asked about my thoughts on code coverage tools. This isn’t a topic I have discussed directly on the blog before, so I thought I’d share a post elabora…

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