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🎸 CTO Craft Con London, Engineering Strategy, Resilience vs Rigidity, Cross-Functions, CFO Chats, Bias for Action, Retro Antipatterns: TMW #319

Hello there, good to see you!

Well, well, well. After several years of running completely online CTO Craft Cons (thanks, Covid), we've decided to officially bring the Con experience into the real world... As members of the CTO Craft Slack community will already have heard, we'll be gathering 250 or so engineering leaders for a two-day get-together in London, on May 23rd and 24th, and, by golly, it's looking incredible already.

The conference will take place in the Tobacco Dock Gallery in East London, and will gather 45+ speakers and panelists to tell us all about how to be more strategic as a CTO. The line-up is almost complete already, and we're lucky enough to have speakers like Meri Williams of Pleo, David Santoro of Carwow, Joao Graca of Unbabel, Nik Gupta of The Hut Group, Efua Akumanyi of Coding Black Females and dozens of others.

Tickets are on sale now, and as part of the wider CTO Craft community, you get to knock off 40% of the ticket cost. Just use the access code Community-23 to unlock members' tickets - give us a shout if you have any difficulty.

As you can imagine, we're massively excited to be able to meet so many of you in person for the first time. It's going to be a great event, and we hope you can join us.

See you there! Until next week

Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Con: The Strategic CTO | London 23-24 May
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 200 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their tech strategy in London, 23-24 May 2023.

Reads of the Week

Writing an engineering strategy.
Once you become an engineering executive, an invisible timer starts ticking in the background. Tick tick tick. At some point that timer will go off, at which point someone will rush up to you demanding an engineering strategy. It won’t be clear what they mean, but they will want it, really, really b…
Jade Rubick - Implementing software engineering levels (with fully-usable examples)
Jade shares example engineering levels, that you can use to craft the levels as your company.

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Culture & People

How to build a high-performing software team
How do I build a high-performing team? This is one of the common questions leaders ask. No one wants a low-performing team. We all want to build effective and high-performing teams – a team that is highly interdependent, bound with a common goal, plans work, makes decisions, solves problems and deli…
The Fine Line Between Resilience and Rigidity in Team Building
The Risks and Rewards of Building a Resilient Team
Are You Ready to Hire a Data Scientist? Advice for Founders
Are you ready to hire a data scientist? Mengying Li, Growth Data Science Lead at Notion, shares her framework for testing whether you should invest in this key hire and how to find the right data science skillset for your startup.
How to Engage Skeptics in Culture Interventions
The skill of perspective taking can help build teams’ psychological safety for creative, collaborative problem-solving.
Cross-Functional Collaboration in Agile: What It Does and Doesn’t Mean
How do agile teams achieve cross-functionality? Hint: Contrary to what you might have heard, it doesn’t mean everyone must know how to do everything.

Leadership & Self Management

CTOs! This is how to talk to your CFO about investing in your team right now
Technology is tightening its collective belt
Bias for action
Analysis paralysis is a team momentum killer. Biasing for action builds both learning and decision making chops. Here’s how.
How to announce organizational change in your first 90 days
Congrats, you’ve made it through your first 2 months as a new hire in a leadership role! You’re in the home stretch of this initial season.
Me vs. We: 3 Strategies for Negotiating in Relationships | The Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog
Leadership Now is a leading source for leadership development and analysis. We believe that anyone can make a difference by leading from where they are.
OKR Leadership: OKRs are not task lists
If your teams’ OKRs are turning into lists of tasks to complete that’s a red flag that you’re asking the wrong questions.

Agile & Engineering

Retrospectives Antipatterns
Introduction to antipatterns for retrospectives, and how to refactor your situation for the better
Jade Rubick - What tools to use for an engineering handbook
Reviews the various tools you can use for an engineering handbook and process documentation in general.
A Skeptic’s Guide to Software Architecture Decisions
Skepticism is an architectural superpower that helps you to see through false assumptions before you have followed them too far before they have cost you too much time and created so much work that you’ll never completely recover.
The Truth About Git Metrics Tools
There are dozens of vendors providing Git and Jira analytics solutions. But do these tools actually provide value?
How We Manage Incident Response at Honeycomb
Dealing with the unknown, limited cognitive bandwidth, coordination patterns, psychological safety and feeding information back into the organization.

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