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🥦 Onboarding, Architects, Leader Entitlement, Adaptive Strategy, Capability Combs, SaaS Jenga, Burnout: TMW #322

Hello again, welcome to the week!

I'm fairly biased, but the quality of the conversations in the CTO Craft Community Slack group are incredibly impressive, especially the #ask-for-help channel, which has just under 4,500 members. Here are some of the topics the group have helped each other with last week:

Have you ever promoted someone to leadership but realised they're not meeting expectations?
How to manage a rebrand with a React Native app?
What are the best measures to handle an ongoing DDoS attack?
Can anyone share learnings and friction points from rolling out the ShapeUp framework?

The community is free to join, so if you'd like to get involved in the conversation, sign up here.

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Until next time, have a great week!

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CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes: Crafting excellent onboarding processes
At this CTO Craft Bytes, we’re joined by James Conroy-Finn who’ll be giving a talk on crafting excellent onboarding processes.

Reads of the Week

Architects, Anti-Patterns, and Organizational Fuckery
I recently wrote a twitter thread on the proper role of architects, or as I put it, tongue-in-cheek-ily, whether or not architect is a “bullshit role”. It got a LOT of reactions (2.5 we…
Are your hiring practices restricting the attraction of women to tech? | CTO Craft
How can you break down barriers, create fair processes and reduce unconscious bias during hiring to encourage more women to tech?

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Barriers to Change: Leader Entitlement - NOBL Academy
When leaders act as if change is for other people—when they think they don’t need to modify their behavior—they can derail change programs
How Adaptive Strategy Happens
Spoiler: less planning, more steering.
How to Increase Your Leadership By Weighing What Really Matters – Scott Cochrane
I-We-It: A Framework To Have One Conversation at a Time
Meet conversational stuckness and tensions at the appropriate level, and put relationship ahead of task for clarity and ease in…

Culture, People & Teams

Talking to customers is not a waste of a developer’s time
Everyone should talk to customers. Most companies buy the idea. They also believe it’s a waste of time with developers. Here’s why they’re wrong.
Team exercise: Building empathy and understanding with the Capability Comb
In my recent post, Why Can’t we all get Along, I discussed the value of overlapping roles in multi/inter/transdisciplinary teams and referred to using the broken comb shape to describe skills and capabilities. In this post, I’ll expand on that theory and add an approach for using it to help teams bu…
Jade Rubick - High trust and low trust organizations
Comparison of the differences between high trust and low trust organizations.
Getting More from Your Team Health Checks - Spotify Engineering
Getting More from Your Team Health Checks - Spotify Engineering
Chaos Engineering with the Vacation Simulator
Increase resilience through team level chaos engineering using simulated vacations.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

SaaS Jenga - the time-bomb at the centre of your stack
Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) has mostly delivered on the promise of zero ops, zero maintenance software. But what happens if a core service your business relies on disappears overnight? What happens if it doesn’t come back? And in the current Venture Capital downturn, how likely is this to occur,…
DevOps Challenges When Outsourcing Your MVP
Common Problems in Process, Tooling, Security, and Infrastructure
TBM 205: “Process” vs. Systems & Habits
Sunday morning musings… Team A writes a 1-pager as part of a heavyweight annual planning process. No 1-pager, no budget. Hurry! Hurry! The leadership team has a hundred 1-pagers to review! Be first in line! What have you got? Does this fall into investment bucket 1 or 2? Hurry!
A Really Common Problem
I haven’t written in a while for various reasons, and will probably post more about the climate later (being an even bigger and more important problem), but today I wanted to write about a Re…

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Using Compassionate Leadership to Prevent Team Burnout
Being in leadership, there are some of the most rewarding and yet challenging factors to face. Leadership is a privilege, not a right. Part…
Is it impossible to end burnout?
With reports of long hours, chronic stress and exhaustion rising among sections of the workforce, it might be time to reframe the burnout narrative.
Where Women’s Leadership Development Programs Fall Short
The demand for and number of women’s leadership development programs has exploded in recent years. These programs offer important opportunities for women to become better equipped for the challenges of senior leadership roles and tackling gender bias and its associated barriers. However, when deploy…

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