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GPT, Finance Terms, Barriers to Change, Visual Thinking, Rule of Three, Risk, Dimensions of Burnout: TMW #324

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Well, yes, GAI, ChatGPT, GPT-4 and everything else have been among the most-discussed topics in the community for the last week or two. We've seen members chatting about how they're considering working LLMs into their architecture, product features, and in some cases into the core of their businesses. It's an exciting time to be working on technology projects. There's also some concern - how to avoid dropping behind the curve? How to avoid being asked to include AI functionality for the sake of it? Which parts of the leadership or developer roles will it simplify, and which parts will it remove altogether, if any?

We'd love to hear your views on AI, the conversations and ideas it's prompted for you, your concerns, or anything else you think might be interesting - drop us a reply!

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In Conversation with.. Andy Skipper and Lee-Jon Ball | CTO Craft
Andy Skipper and Lee-Jon Ball discuss the CTO Craft May Conference, valuable lessons as CTOs and how to network at in-person conferences.
CTO Craft Con: The Strategic CTO | London 23-24 May
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 200 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their tech strategy in London, 23-24 May 2023.

Reads of the Week

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

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Barriers to Change: Politics - NOBL Academy
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Culture, People & Teams

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Organizational design plays a crucial role in determining an organizations success or failure. As an organization grows, it faces numerous

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Tracking Software Architecture Decisions - DZone
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Talking about risk with thresholds
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In this article, explore shared experiences to gain insight into how teams have tried to achieve confidence from testing.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

The Three Dimensions of Burnout and Their Effects on Performance
Burnout is a common problem that affects many individuals in the workplace. It is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion
The illusion of powerlessness: Why we have more influence than we think
Website by Coert Visser about the progress-focused approach.
To Curb Burnout, Design Jobs to Better Match Employees Needs
Burnt out employees show that there are urgent problems to be addressed at the heart of any organization. But burnout is a management and organizational issue, not a physical or mental health issue, so promoting self-care wont usually help employees recover. The chronic job stressors that cause bur

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