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🍉 Comp Survey, OKRs by ChatGPT, Boss to Coach, Letting Go, Disrespect, Github SBOM, Manager Career Paths: TMW #326

Hello there, and Happy Easter for those who celebrate it!

Again, a huge thanks to those who completed the CTO Craft Leadership Health survey - we've now analysed and collated some of the biggest takeaways into a blog post. The PDF report is also still available, linked from the post. Take a look!

5 key findings from our 2023 Leadership Health Survey | CTO Craft
Our 2023 Leadership Health Survey focuses on how CTOs manage their health and well-being while also managing the health of their teams.

Hot on the heels of that survey, we've just launched another, this time focusing on Technology Leader Compensation, in partnership with our friends at Albany Partners. The report will dig deep into salaries, incentive plans, stock options, vesting and a whole lot more. Since launching the survey within the CTO Craft community, we've already had over 250 responses, and we'd love to hear from you (anonymously) if you have a few minutes to spare. The details are below.

Conference update: we're now down to the last handful of tickets for CTO Craft Con London, so if you're thinking of coming along now is the time to grab your ticket and avoid missing out! Hopefully see you there

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Andy @ CTO Craft

Spotlight Q&A with Chief Technology Officer, MPB, Sophie Davies-Patrick | CTO Craft
Sophie Davies-Patrick, CTO, MPB, discusses her role, adapting company culture during COVID and training for inclusivity.
CTO Craft Con: The Strategic CTO | London 23-24 May
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 200 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their tech strategy in London, 23-24 May 2023.

Reads of the Week

Culture & Methods Trends Report March 2023
The two biggest factors influencing organisational culture in early 2023 are the highly publicised and hugely disruptive layoffs across the tech industry and the emergence of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT.
I asked ChatGPT to write your OKRs - Product Thoughts #274
This is not a newsletter about how good/bad ChatGPT is at writing OKRs (Spoiler: It’s doing ok in producing by-the-book OKRs) or my ability to design ChatGPT prompts (plenty of room for improvement here as well). It’s more about showcasing the impact that context through strategy can have on OKR des…

CTO Craft Compensation Survey

Announcing the CTO Craft Annual Compensation Survey

We’re excited to announce the launch of our annual compensation survey in collaboration with Albany Partners (Executive Search specialists in tech and product).

This anonymous survey will collect highly valuable information to support industry leaders like you by informing you of industry trends which may influence your hiring as well as inform your own career development. The survey results will form a relied-upon industry report of up-to-date engineering leadership salaries and incentive plans, and your contribution will add accuracy to the findings.

Share your compensation data anonymously


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CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes: Are you a cost center or a profit center?
At this CTO Craft Bytes, we’ll be joined by David Subar who’ll be sharing insights on how CTOs and CPOs can collab.

Leadership, Strategy & Business

Be a thermostat, not a thermometer
As I’ve learned more about how humans interact with one another at work, I’ve been repeatedly reminded that we are very easily influenced by the mood of thos…
Shifting from Boss to Coach – Mac’s Blog
Strategy and Leadership #2
What Choices to Make — and Not
Letting Go
This is the story of one of the three most important leadership lessons I learned.

Culture, People & Teams

Here’s the latest version of our Engineering Career Framework
Who runs Engineering processes?
Uber ran a tech spec review process called the DUCK Review. “DUCK” didn’t stand for anything–it was created as a deliberate non-acronym–but was otherwise a fairly typical review process. When I first joined, we’d review one or two specs each week. The volume of requested reviews kept growing, and si…
Is Your Workplace Plagued by Disrespect? Take This Step to Disarm It | The Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog
Leadership Now is a leading source for leadership development and analysis. We believe that anyone can make a difference by leading from where they are.
Behind the Scenes with Two New Salary Transparency Websites
On the back of US salary transparency regulations, two new salary transparency websites have launched, built by the creators of Levels.fyi and Layoffs.fyi. I talked to both teams to learn how they were developed.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Michael Feathers - (Possible) AI Impacts on Development Practice
(Possible) AI Impacts on Development Practice - The View from April 2023
What developers need to know about generative AI | The GitHub Blog
Generative AI has been dominating the news lately—but what exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know, and what it means for developers.
GitHub Adds SBOM Export to Make it Easier to Comply with Security Requirements
GitHub has announced a new SBOM export feature meant to be used as part of security compliance workflows and tools. The new feature allows you to export NTIA-compliant SBOM easily, says GitHub.
Product in Practice: Getting Engineers Involved in Brainstorming - Product Talk
Learn how one product manager successfully engaged her engineers in a brainstorming session to meet a customer need.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Career path framework for managers: The 5 most important considerations
If you’re internally promoting your managers and creating a career path framework for managers, keep these 4 considerations in mind.
Inside Look: Measuring Developer Productivity and Happiness at LinkedIn
Authors:Viktoras Truchanovicius and Selina Zhang
How to get started with measuring burnout - Ragan Communications
Sara Whitman of Hot Paper Lantern shares tips for setting definitions before goals and empowering managers to collect data.
From Burnout to Brilliance: The Importance of Rest in Productivity
Rest is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you’re constantly pushing yourself without taking breaks, you’ll eventually burn out.

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