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🥪 Asynchronous Work, Interruptions, Decision Making, Pre-Mortems, Onboarding Buddies, Jira Antipatterns: TMW #327

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A huge thanks to everyone who's taken part in our Compensation Survey, created in partnership with our friends at Albany Partners - so far, we have 485 submissions, which we'll be using to create a detailed report of technology leadership salaries, incentives, options plans, bonuses and everything else. There's still time to record your compensation anonymously:

CTO Craft: 2023 Compensation Survey
CTO Craft alongside Albany Partners are conducting a survey on Compensation norms across tech leadership.

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Spotlight Q&A with Chief Technology Officer, Mindgym, David Lush | CTO Craft
David Lush, CTO Mindgym, joins us to discuss talent pipelines, Gantt charts, psychological safety and smelting copper and aluminium.
CTO Craft Con: The Strategic CTO | London 23-24 May
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 200 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their tech strategy in London, 23-24 May 2023.

CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes: The Data Behind “Good” Engineering Teams
At this CTO Craft Bytes, we’re partnered with Uplevel. Christina Forney, VP of Product, will be joining us for a fireside chat.

Reads of the Week

Asynchronous Work Report: What knowledge workers want and what’s working | MiroBlog
A new survey from Miro offers insight knowledge workers’ async work preferences and concerns, which leaders can leverage to build more inclusive workplaces.
Programmer Interrupted: The Real Cost of Interruption and Context Switching
Interruptions and context switching are the two most costly factors that directly impact a programmer’s daily productivity. Although there is no permanent way to avoid them, there are some interesting strategies to minimize their impact. The Cost of an Interruption Based on various scientific studie…

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[Webinar] The crucial importance of effectiveness in a down market

Join us for a virtual panel discussion with industry experts to discuss challenges such as how to get better team insights, R&D effectiveness, and what "deliver more with less" really means.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Fast-forwarding decision making - The Engineering Manager
Organisations waste a huge amount of time believing that they are making progress on decisions, when they’re actually not. Let’s go faster.
How To Run a Pre-Mortem
Mitigate against risks that matter with this Pre-Mortem format
How to Differentiate Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, and Technical Debt - Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
I’ve been talking with a very sharp leader about how that person uses the ideas of risk and technical debt. I’m paraphrasing, but the leader said something like this: “We realize we need to incur some technical debt. So we explain that we choose to include the debt as part of our risk mitigation. Th…
Leading in Hybrid and Remote Environments: Skills to Develop and Tools That Can Help
Leading in hybrid and remote environments requires that managers develop new skills like coaching, facilitation, and being able to do difficult conversations remotely. With digital tools, we can include less dominant and more reflective people to get wider reflections from different brains and perso…

Culture, People & Teams

An Interview Process That Works For Me
“What is your interview process?” is a question I have answered many times. I have conducted technical interviews for over twenty years and I am proud of the process I have refined in the past decade. It has been extremely effective for hiring high-quality software engineers that are a fit
The Power of an Onboarding Buddy | Fellow.app
Pairing your new hire with an onboarding buddy fosters a faster onboarding time and increases employee engagement and retention; see how here!
From Politeness to Partnership: Embracing Conflict Drives Effective…
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Technology, Operations & Delivery

Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report - April 2023
This article provides an overview of how the InfoQ editorial team sees the Software Architecture and Design topic evolving in 2023, with a focus on what architects are designing for today.
Shift Left and Shift Right in Your DevOp Strategy - DZone
Both Shift Left and Shift Right are important approaches in DevOps. Here, we’ll discuss the differences between Shift Left and Shift Right.
Jira Anti-Patterns – Age-of-Product.com
Jira Anti-Patterns: Learn why they exist and how you can counter these impediments to agile product development — Age-of-Product.com
Lessons Learned From a Failed Microservice Architecture
How over-engineering harms the business even though it may improve developers’ technical skills

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Well-Being Theory ✍🏻 Drawn to Leadership
Martin Seligman created Well-Being Theory and the PERMA model as a framework to better understand how well-being can help us thrive. Learn how leaders can apply these concepts to their organizations.
Stress and burnout can be avoided, here’s how | theHRD
The Health & Safety Executive’s latest data shows that almost a million (0.9m) workers in the UK were suffering with work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2021/22 . Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director at Activ People HR urges employers to do more to support employees may be experiencing stress…
Resisting Deterministic Thinking
AI is here and it will change everything! OMG the sky is falling! Programmers are now obsolete. No, they are needed more than ever before…
The power of empathy in software development leadership
As a software developer, you have spent years perfecting your technical skills. You know how to write elegant code, troubleshoot complex issues, and build innovative solutions. However, as you move into a leadership position, you’ll quickly discover that the most valuable skill you can possess is em…

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