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🏕 Neurodivergence, Friction, Feedback Loops, Comp Heuristics, Choosing a Language, Mob Programming: TMW #338

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We have two events this week: our first Manchester, UK Bytes session, which will be an informal networking affair, and a session with Tab Ahmad of EmployAbility, a renowned thought leader in the world of neurodivergence and inclusivity in the workplace. Both will be unmissable - see below for links to register.

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CTO Craft Bytes - Manchester Town Hall
Join us for our first ever in-person event in Manchester! Network at The Old Monkey pub with fellow members of the CTO Craft Community
CTO Craft Bytes: Creating a neurodivergent & disability-inclusive workplace
At this CTO Craft Bytes we’re joined by founder of EmployAbility, Tab Ahmad.

CTO Craft Bytes - ICYMI

CTO Craft Bytes: A CTO’s Guide to Effectively Communicating the Business Impact of Engineering
Register now for CTO Craft Bytes: A CTO’s Guide to Effectively Communicating the Business Impact of Engineering on crowdcast, scheduled to go live on June 29, 2023, 04:00 PM GMT+1.

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Stepping up: CTOs’ top tips on transitioning from VP Engineering
What does it take to transition from VP Engineering to Chief Technology Officer in today’s business environment? I asked the experts – four recently elevated CTOs – about the step changes required. Anton Jefcoate, CTO of Lyst, David Jensen, CTO of Photobox Group, Bernie Miles, CTO of PPRO, and Yaron
Delete Friction
A fleeting thought on how orienting a reading nook towards actually reading got my mornings back on track.
Embrace Complexity; Tighten Your Feedback Loops
Talk transcript on various patterns that slowly influence how teams deal with reliability, and highlight some of the key interactions and behaviors I keep finding work well in the organizations I’ve been part of.
How Passion and Discipline Combine To Create An Unstoppable Leadership One-Two Punch – Scott Cochrane

Culture, People & Teams

SaaSy Questions #1: Compensation Heuristics
How should you compensate your early team? What guidelines and best practices should you follow?
On levelling, learning and development
“It takes 1,000 days to forge the spirit and 10,000 days to polish it.” - Miyamoto Musashi, 17th century samurai Recently I’ve been having a few conversations with newer, growing companies about career development frameworks. Before diving into any ins and outs of such a framework I first want to to…
Startup Hyper Paralysis
I recently had chats with a bunch of founders of early-stage startups, and they all happened to ask me the same question: What problems do I repeatedly see in my work with startups their size? Whil…
Techniques for Building Rapport with Tech Candidates - Meet(tal)
As a tech recruiter, one of the most challenging aspects of my …

Technology, Operations & Delivery

What to consider when choosing a programming language | CTO Craft
Jo Rabin, a fractional/interim CTO, coach and advisor, discusses choosing your programming language and language qualities.
How to Accurately Forecast Project Delivery - DZone
For most leaders, knowing when you’ll deliver a new feature or if you can deliver it sooner is a matter of intuition, manual work, and luck.
Considering Remote Mob Programming in a High Stakes Environment
Remote mob programming helped a team in a high-stakes environment to be resilient, work under pressure, and deliver successfully. Setting expectations on the first call and being serious about the reasons for doing mob programming ensured that the team kept doing it.
Sheldon Chang 🇺🇸 (@sysop408@sfba.social)
Attached: 2 images This is hilarious. It appears that Twitter is DDOSing itself. The Twitter home feed’s been down for most of this morning. Even though nothing loads, the Twitter website never stops trying and trying. In the first video, notice the error message that I’m being rate limited. Then…

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Insights Into Stress Anxiety And Depression For Team Leaders
Stress, anxiety and depression are complex mental health conditions that can have significant impacts on individuals’ lives
Emotional Self Control Probably Doesn’t Mean What You Think… — Kate Leto
When you find yourself in an unexpectedly stressful situation—whether your CEO questions your decision-making or a colleague simply isn’t taking your feedback on board and you feel ignored or undermined—how do you react? 
When You’re Pushed Outside Your Comfort Zone
Executive coach and former venture capitalist Jerry Colonna takes questions from listeners struggling with stretch responsibilities.
I’m an Argentine millennial who’s recovering from burnout after 6 years in a job with no boundaries. Therapy and a strict sign-out time have helped my mental health.
A millennial who returned to the office to help his mental health said he used to suffer from panic attacks before fixing his relationship with work.

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