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🚁 Culture and the CTO Tickets, Talent/Value, Energy Management, Ownership, Finding Leaders, Forecasting, Stress: TMW #343

Hello there, it's Monday...

And it's conference time!

If you're a CTO Craft Slack member, you'll have seen that we launched Super Early Bird tickets to the community last week, and as with last time, the response was amazing - there are now fewer than 10 Super Early Bird tickets remaining 😮

We'll be back at London's iconic Tobacco Dock Gallery on November 7th and 8th for a deep dive into Engineering Culture, with keynotes, community talks, panels and lots and lots of networking with other technology leaders. The agenda is coming together swiftly - here's a taste of the speakers:

  • Ankur Sharma, CPTO, Perkbox
  • Nasreen Abdul Jaleen, CTO, Marley Spoon
  • Sophie Davies-Patrick, CTO, MPB
  • Serge Kruppa, CTO, Sylvera
  • Roxana Diaconescu, CTO, SilverRail
  • Catalina Turlea, CTO & Co-founder, nilo.health
  • Sue Li, CTO, SwipeGuide
  • Sara Stephens, CTO & Co-founder, Rest Less
  • Adelina Chalmers, Founder & CTO, The Geek Whisperer
  • Nadia Alramli, VP of Engineering, Hubspot
  • Giorgos Ampavis, VP of Engineering, Tide
  • James Stanier, Director of Engineering, Shopify
  • Dan Blundell, Director of Engineering, Gymshark
  • Jasper Schulte, Director of Engineering, Booking.com
  • Tab Ahmad, CEO & Founder, EmployAbility

A very limited number of Super Early Bird tickets are still available, and CTO Craft Slack Members benefit from an additional discount, so do log in if you're a member and grab the code. Grab your tickets here:

CTO Craft Con: Culture and the CTO Tickets

See you there!

Andy @ CTO Craft

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Stress kills listening skills
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