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🌮 Conference Agenda and Discount, Engineering's Impact, Quantifying Tech Debt, Push&Pull, Counter-Productivity, Nonviolent Communication: TMW #347

Hello, hello, hello! It's good to see you again

Guess what? We've just released the full agenda for CTO Craft Con: Culture and the CTO!

You spoke, we listened! Based on feedback from our May conference, we’re bringing you more case-study led talks from industry experts. These sessions will explore the difficulties, solutions and successes of technology and engineering cultures, challenge your own thinking and inspire you into action.

We've also opened up more slots for Lightning Talks, following the massive amount of submissions to the Call for Papers - thanks so much to everyone in the community who took part, and we're looking forward to seeing you on stage!

There's still time to grab an Early Bird ticket - and remember to apply the access code Community-Nov-23 when registering here to unlock CTO Craft Member pricing, taking £300 off the price of tickets. See you in November!

On with the links - see you next week

Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Con: Culture and the CTO | London 7-8 November
CTO Craft Con will bring together over 250 Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology leaders from the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and big tech companies to elevate their engineering culture in London, 7-8 November 2023.

CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes: The 11 herbs and spices of digital transformation at KFC
At this CTO Craft Bytes, we’re going to be joined by Vihang Shah, Head of Digital Technology at KFC and Philippe Guenet.
CTO Craft Bytes: Manchester Get Together
Network and learn with fellow CTO Craft members at The Old Monkey pub in Manchester.

CTO Craft Bytes - ICYMI

CTO Craft Bytes: A CTO’s Guide to Communicating the Impact of Engineering
At this CTO Craft Bytes we’re partnered with Jellyfish to bring you this guide on effectively communicating the impact of engineering.A CTO’s Guide to Effect…

Reads of the Week

TL;DR Thoughts And Reasons Behind Dysfunctional Software Engineering Teams.
We have all been there, or maybe some of you are there right now. It’s OK. In my experience, this is a very important lesson we all need…
If you want to address tech debt, quantify it first - Stack Overflow

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

Do Managers Really Have Power Over Employee Motivation?
Motivating their employees is a task we often expect from managers. But do managers really have control over employee motivation?
Time Demands on Leaders
Do leaders have time for deep work?
Push and Pull
A model I return to a lot when talking about engineering processes is Push and Pull. Often when we design a new process or system we struggle to get buy-in. That lack of buy-in can often be traced to having forgotten the Push, the Pull, or both.
Lead with Consistency… get aligned for success!
I meant what I said, and you can’t wait me out.

Culture, People & Teams

Jade Rubick - The best approach I’ve seen for hiring junior engineers
I share a wonderful writeup by John Hyland on the best program I’ve ever seen for hiring junior engineers
TBM 240: The Ultimate Guide to Developer Counter-Productivity
Developer productivity is so August 2023. Enter Developer Counter-Productivity. Productive developers spend more of their time and energy on high-leverage activities. Counter-productive developers spend more time and energy on low or negative-leverage activities. This skew is often only marginally w…
Software organization structure for fast flow
How to optimise your team and organization for fast flow – expert articles
New Hires: Learn How The System Breaks
When you start a new role on a software team, you should immediately immerse yourself in the tooling and data on how things fail.

Technology, Operations & Delivery

The Worst Programmer I Know
The great thing about measuring developer productivity is that you can quickly identify the bad programmers. I want to tell you about the worst programmer I know, and why I fought to keep him in the team.
Inside the Decline of Stack Exchange
Plus! The Other X; Refinancing China; The Activist Short Death Spiral; Rebundling; Fitness Bands; Diff Jobs
Yes, you should test on production…
It might seem like a click baity title but it’s not. Let me explain.
How not to fall into the ticket development trap? | Vazco
Forget ticket development. By balancing business goals and user needs, you can maximize the impact of your project without wasting valuable resources.

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

How to Develop Solution-Oriented Mindset in Your Life and in Your Team?
Throughout human history, survival was the primary concern, and addressing problems and challenges was crucial for our existence. This…
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the Workplace | Management 3.0
NVC is about fostering connection and resolving conflicts without resorting to aggression or violence. How does it work and how to use it?
Mind Over Matter: The Effect of Positive Mindsets on Performance and Well-being
This article highlights the fascinating effects that positive mindsets and self affirmations have on human performance and well-being.
Email Nightmare After The Holidays? I’ve Got You!
Here are my strategies to end the post-holiday email nightmare and get my inbox back under some sort of control.

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