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🍭 Campus Launch! WIP and Brooks, Post-GenAI, Confidence, Energising Teams, Greenfield Systems, Story Points, Complexity Genius: TMW #352

Hello, hello, hello!

The time has finally arrived: on Tuesday this week, we'll be formally opening the doors on CTO Craft Campus, the new learning-focused community platform for senior technology leaders.

We've spent the last 12 months pulling together a vast amount of content and videos and spliced them into some ground-breaking self-paced learning modules. We've tagged everything to make it easy to see what to consume to fill out any gaps, or even refresh skills you already have with the latest thinking. Alongside the courses, we've added functionality to help you assess your confidence in all important parts of the CTO role, and build a learning pathway that you can consume at your own pace. This we're calling Campus Foundations.

Coming down the line in a couple of months is Masters, the next stage of Campus: more in-depth co-learning experiences, with a mixture of self-paced courses, live online workshops and exclusive events with industry experts. What's more, you'll receive accreditation from leading leadership and management education bodies for taking part.

Campus covers everything from leadership and strategy, to team management and hiring, through building and running modern technology stacks all the way to dealing with stress and personal growth as a leader. We can't wait to welcome the first learners later this week - come and have a look, and keep your eye on Slack for more information on Tuesday!

On with the links - see you next week...

Andy @ CTO Craft

CTO Craft Con Speaker Spotlights

Conference Speaker Spotlight Q&A with James Stanier, Director of Engineering at Shopify | CTO Craft
James discusses the importance of succession planning, what to ask in your first one-to-one and how to create a psychologically safe culture.
Conference Speaker Spotlight Q&A with Rija Javed, Engineering Leader at Facebook | CTO Craft
Rija gives us her views on aligning values within an organisation and team, how to communicate values and build values into your culture.

CTO Craft Bytes

CTO Craft Bytes: The Post GenAI Age
This CTO Craft Bytes explores the long-term impact of AI on software teams

CTO Craft Bytes - ICYMI

The Cost Associated with Making the Wrong Hire
Register now for The Cost Associated with Making the Wrong Hire on crowdcast, scheduled to go live on October 6, 2023, 12:30 PM GMT+1.

Reads of the Week

How WIP Insights Allow Us to Revisit Brooks’ Law About Adding People to a Team - Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
Several people on LinkedIn commented on my post, Want Better and Faster Results? Increase Team Size and Reduce WIP. They wondered if adding more people to a small team would violate Brooks’ Law. As with all good questions, the answer is “It depends.” It depends on how your lifecycle manages feedback…

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[From Code Climate] Gaining Visibility and Predictability in Engineering

Code Climate surveyed 200+ engineering leaders on what areas they're most interested in gaining visibility into.

Read the Report Here

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Leadership, Strategy & Business

5 Ways to Improve your Tech Lead Confidence | CTO Notes | Lorgio Trinidad | Technical Leadership
Discover the most common situations that Tech Leads face and strategies to boost your career.
Seniority and self-management: you don’t have to do this alone - Jacob Kaplan-Moss
At a certain level of seniority – typically the Staff level for ICs, and the Director level for managers – you’ll be expected to fully own huge areas of responsibility without detailed guidance. The mistake that many people make when they’re new to this level of autonomy is believing they have to do…
5 Proven Methods to Add Energy to Others - Leadership Freak
Everything that’s done requires energy. Lousy leaders suck the life out of people. Remarkable leaders add energy. Here’s how…
Impostor Syndrome or Peter Principle…
… Learn how you can tell the difference and what to do about it.

Culture, People & Teams

TBM 246: Why Didn’t They Say No?
I was working with a leader recently, and they asked me why a team might knowingly commit to work they couldn’t feasibly get done. Why didn’t they say no? I penned this little list (not specific to my workplace, but drawing from years of these conversations).
20 habits of high-performing leadership teams
Here are 14 signs that your leadership team might not actually be a well-functioning team:
(People on) Nice Teams Finish Last
Give clear feedback!
How to empower your team through autonomy, mastery and purpose
Ways to empower engineering teams as engineering lead

Technology, Operations & Delivery

Estimating how much it costs to run greenfield systems
It is all too tempting to overlook cloud compute costs when planning a software system. Focus tends to be on cost to build. But for some systems the cost to run can greatly exceed the cost to build. This article explains how to break your system down into component parts and estimate your cloud comp…
How to Mix Junior and Senior Engineers on a Team
One of the most important parts of the job of an engineering leader is assembling a team of developers that can work together in the most…
Everything You Need to Know About Story Points in Jira - DZone
What are story points? How does one estimate a story with points? How much time do story points take? Learn the answers to these and more questions.
TBM 245: The Magic Prioritization Trick
Here is a fun prioritization exercise. Some have described it as a Jedi mind trick. It is very simple but it plays with people’s head in a good way. It draws heavily from Joshua Arnold’s work on cost of delay, particularly this article on qualitative cost of delay

Stress, Wellbeing & Growth

Keep Calm and Be Assertive
Deal with situations with less stress and more understanding.
The High Price of Being a Workaholic and Why You Need To Slow Down
How overworking can lead to burnout, poor health, and relationship problems.
One minute for mental health | Thoughtworks
Jennifer Garvey Berger - Complexity Genius summary - Crisp’s Blog
Jennifer Garvey Bergers master class on Complexity Genius at the Leading Complexity Program 2023

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